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We’re in a time of awakening and creating a profound new paradigm for humanity and the planet.
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Welcome to the Change-Makers Global Community

Change-Makers Logo
You Are Not Alone

We are a community of individuals creating enlightened changes in our personal lives and through these changes, are together, creating a profound new world paradigm.

Remarkably, many of us don’t know that others like us exist as a collective body and because of this our ideas, concerns, solutions and voices are not being heard socially, economically or environmentally. This makes us blind to our potential power to help create real and lasting positive change in the world. Together, there’s over 100 million of us in the United States and over 200 million world-wide so it’s important to know that You Are Not Alone!

Permit me to share a personal story with you…


A little background: In 2000, Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson published years of research in a book called, The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World. They coined the term Cultural Creatives to describe a large segment of American society who, since about 1985, have developed far beyond the standard paradigm of modernists or progressives versus traditionalists or conservatives.

The Institute For Global Transformation™ calls this vast group,
now over 200 million strong world-wide, CHANGE-MAKERS.

Change-Makers share a sense of the connectedness of all things and see themselves as bridge builders. They have deep concerns regarding the environment, economics, social issues, and relationships between people, communities and nations. As a result, they view the world through a radically different lens – a way of seeing that steps out of black and white and right and wrong thinking.

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Dianne Collins, author of QuantumThink®, New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, says: “Millions of people the world over are part of this New Mainstream. It is defined neither by generation, by politico credo, nor by religious creed. The New Mainstream is defined by recognition that we are in a time of awakening to a new mindset, an expanded worldview and yes, a higher-level consciousness for humanity. The New Mainstream is defined by a cosmic pulse of awakening.” (To read Dianne’s full article, Click Here.)

A Grassroots Movement by Change-Makers

We’ve created a grassroots movement to connect Change-Makers all over the world. As individuals we are powerful, as a global community working as One toward World Goodwill – we are Unstoppable! Each one of us, in our own unique way, contributes to creating a new world paradigm of love, empathy, wisdom, and purpose. Let us know you are a Change-Maker and join us in creating a better world  for all. Click Here.

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