About the IFGT

About the Institute For Global Transformation™

How It All Began

The Institute For Global Transformation™ was founded in 2002 and became a 501(c)(3) not for profit in 2005. The Institute was founded to advance the evolution of  consciousness by promulgating the principles of the connectedness of all life.

It all began when a group of talented, gifted visionaries, with differing areas of knowledge, expertise, and ideas for service to humanity and the planet met in Atlanta, Georgia. During that meeting, through transformational conversations, the Institute was given birth.

It has been my experience that, in order to reach out and connect in ways that are meaningful and make things happen, you need to be a team player, a good listener,  and mindful of others’ creative ideas. Gathering together this group of talented, creative visionary leaders was very important to the framework that has allowed the Institute to grow organically into what it has become today.

I also believe it’s important to learn how to surf the winds of creative ideas and change, which is what we did and continue to do. Surfing requires one to be very aware or mindful, retain balance, perspective, and persevere. This is how the Institute has continued to move forward and grow. And as we continue our forward momentum, we’re always open to change. Allowing each interested party a voice in the growth of our community has served us well over the years.

We have a magnificent team and we continue to add talented visionaries and leaders. It’s been an exciting journey, one which we continue to explore and treasure. Each of our members brings creativity and  wisdom that helps us continue to grow the Institute. We value each of them for their support, dedication, wisdom, and service to humanity and the planet.  They’re amazing!  ~Dr. Maryann Miller, Founder

Our Vision

Our vision is a world working together to utilize the power, love and wisdom of higher consciousness to benefit humanity and the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a community for Change-Makers who are creating profound change in our personal lives and through this change are, together, co-creating a new world paradigm of inclusiveness, compassion and unity with diversity.

We Value

  • Creativity: We value processes that align our creativity with universal wisdom.
  • Collaboration and Partnering: We collaborate, partner, and share resources with those who have a similar vision for humanity and the planet.
  • Service: We affirm service as a demonstration of an evolutionary impetus of the soul and as a conscious expression of the oneness of all things.
  • Innovation: We build and encourage new methods, applications, and concepts.
  • Integrity: We foster and support open, honest and ethical actions in all relationships and activities.

Principles By Which We Operate

  • Inclusiveness: Women and men of all races and creeds are respected, welcomed, and appreciated for the diversity they bring to the Institute.
  • Authenticity: Actions must be consistent with our words and deeds.
  • Engaged action and whole process learning: We see the world as interwoven and connected.
  • Idealism and Activism: Dedication of time and energy for those causes we hold dear.
  • Service: Inner growth and service to humanity are extremely important.
  • Ecological sustainability: Nature is sacred, global warming and the ecology of the planet are very important.
  • Globalism: Realization of the importance of diversity within the oneness of our global community.


Corporate Officers and  Board of Directors

IFGT Corporate Officers


Board of Directors

IFGT Board of Directors

The Institute is governed by corporate officers and a Board of Directors consisting of men and women who are dedicated to transforming consciousness in all areas of life. Through group service projects, transformational conversations, webinars and various programs, the IFGT encourages and promotes the realization that the quality of life in our global society will only improve through the efforts of people actively working together to make the world a better place for all. Back to Top

Program Managers

By uniting each of these areas of focus under the umbrella of the Institute, we are able to leverage the creativity and genius of individuals with a wide, divergent range of interests who, in their own area of focus, are helping to transform the consciousness of humanity. This method of operation allows for a continual metamorphosis toward greater potential as the members respond to areas of need they feel called upon to serve.

Dr. Hassan RashidiThe Science and Engineering Departmen, Dr. Hassan Rashidi, Director. This Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life through promoting engineering solutions and technological innovations. Our work is based on the belief that every person deserves education, well-being, success and self-actualization.



Kristie Knutson

Distant Service Council – Kristie Knutson
The Distant Service Council is intrinsically concerned with the balance, health, and harmony of the whole person, as well as the whole of humanity. When new and constructive ideas on physical, emotional, and mental health and healing are united to form a more comprehensive whole, the possibilities of unlimited health, happiness, and well-being will become the norm. The Meditation and Prayer Distant Service Council is a free service of the IFGT. The Council consists of over 100 individuals who meditate or pray on your behalf.


Dennis Kwiatkowski

Monthly Meditation Focus – Dennis Kwiatkowski
This is a special opportunity to serve those in need and help build a more unified, compassionate, and loving world.  This special focus is to send Life, Love, and Light to all humanity and our entire planet. If you are unable to join us at this time, remember time and space need not present any barriers; your profound intentions transcend both.



Michael Mason

Oneness Movement: Our Next Evolution, (O.N.E.) The Infinite Heart™ – Dr. Michael Mason
Our mission is to dispel the illusion of separation by creating a recognition of humanity’s Oneness and to be a catalyst for bringing about a collective force for Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.) by way our Infinite Hearts. With this recognition we will, together, create a limitless source of Light, Love, and Wisdom that will transform the world.   Back to Top



Advisory Council
IFGT Advisory Council





  • Dr. Amit Goswami is a retired professor from the theoretical physics department of the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he had served since 1968. Goswami is the author of the highly successful textbook Quantum Mechanics that is used in Universities throughout the world. His two volume textbook for nonscientists, The Physicist’s View of Nature traces the decline and rediscovery of the concept of God within science. He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”.Dr. Goswami has appeared in the movies What the Bleep do we know?, Dalai Lama Renaissance, as well as the award winning documentary, The Quantum Activist.
  • Sharon Crigler is the IFGT newsletter editor and served on the IFGT Board of Directors. Sharon currently serves in various capacities such as Video Manager for IFGT conventions. Sharon is also an actress and voice actress best known as being the first actress to voice Wonder Woman for Hanna-Barbera, for over ten years.
  • Philip Horvath, Co-founder of LUMAN and  Future Ready Now. Philip works with Fortune 500 companies and supports leaders around the globe in their personal evolution, in growing innovation capacity for their organizations, and in becoming planetary leaders.
  • Alan Collins is a Strategic QuantumThink® Consultant and Master QuantumThink® Coach. Alan has been presenting QuantumThink® with outstanding success for more than 20 years to forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicos, students and professionals around the world.
  • Orly Amor is a visionary and connector. She is a business coach for public speakers and is passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances in their sphere of influence. Orly has helped C-Level Executives, HR Executives and Sales Managers increase their bottom line. Orly started the Health & Wellness Network of Commerce as a platform for health and wellness professionals, practitioners, service and product providers to network and collaborate with corporate professionals. Orly opened chapters in 6 countries and 6 states in 2 years, with her unique method with strategic alliances and network. Because it’s close to her heart, she also speaks on and helps women overcome adversity and trauma. Topics: Victim to Victor, It’s My Time    Back to Top


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