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The Artists’ Attic: Showcase and Marketplace

In the Artist’s Attic
you can showcase or sell your original works of art.  Art may include:

paintings       photography       sculpture       metal works       ceramics      music     stained glass       calligraphy       poetry       computer art       etc.

2 ways for artists to showcase their work: Not for Sale and For Sale

  1. You may choose to only share your work of art and your story of what inspired you to create it. In this case, you would email a good  photo of your art along with your inspirational story and/or the symbolism behind it to:
  2. You may also sell your work of art. If you are interested in selling your work, you would email a good photo of your art, along with the story of what  inspired you to create it, the symbolism behind it, and/or its history. You would also include the sales price, which would include all shipping, handling, sales tax, and postal insurance charges within the USA. Email all of this information to:

In order for artists to participate in this program and either showcase or sell your art, you simply need to:

  • Join the IFGT community here, it’s Free and there are no dues.
  • There is no charge to simply share your art with the world. As a thank you to the IFGT for showcasing your For-Sale works of art, we ask you to make a donation of 10% of the sales price to the IFGT.  The IFGT is a 501c3 not-for-profit so your donation might be tax deductible. Be sure to check with your tax consultant for details.

To participate in this program or, if you have additional questions, please email us at:


Interested Purchasers:  If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, please contact the IFGT at: We will then put you in direct contact with the artist so you both can work out all of the details.  All purchases, sales tax, etc. will be made directly between the artist and purchaser.

To participate in this program or, if you have additional questions, please email us at:


Paintings:      Oils     and     Chalk

TITLE: Monterey’s Cannery Row©
ARTIST: Maryann Miller
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
Not For Sale
The Artist’s Story: Monterey is a beautiful little town located on the Pacific Ocean in California. Author, John Steinbeck wrote several books that take place on Monterey’s Cannery Row, which sits directly by the ocean. Looking down along Cannery Row at the several canneries that stand vacant and crumbling creates a sense of Monterey’s diverse history of success and disappointment. Once a bustling fishing town, when the ocean’s currents changed and the tuna left, Monterey fell into an economic slump from which it never recovered. But what’s left are majestic views of an expansive bay, cliffs that drop hundred’s of feet off into the ocean, pines that only grow in the region and inspiring walks along uncrowded, sandy beaches where you can watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

After I heard that the Holiday Inn wanted to purchase this cannery, tear it down and build on the site, I was inspired to paint it so it wouldn’t be forgotten. Not long after I finished the painting, the cannery mysteriously burned down. There now stands a Holiday Inn on the site.


The BurdenFOR SALE

ARTIST: Sondra L Miller
MEDIUM: Charcoal on Paper
SIZE: 12″ x 17″ (unframed)
For Sale: $150, including insurance, taxes and shipping

The Artist’s Story:  This was a 30 second pose figure drawing that I did with charcoal. I liked the pressure and
the strength it shows, That is why I titled it “The Burden”. We all have our burdens to bear; be they real or imaginary. We either rise to the occasion or crumble beneath the pressure. Either fate still leaves us tattered, torn and scarred.


RESCUE by Georgia LambertTITLE: RESCUE©
ARTIST: Georgia Lambert
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: Full Size
Prints of the original are For Sale for $80 each including insurance, taxes and shipping. The artist uses high-quality, heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks.

The Artist’s Story:: The week after the tsunami in Southeast Asia, I was moved to do this painting. It is a very large oil painting, and the detail does not show on this web example.
The detail in the water shows the beach, broken buildings and trains, and there are bodies in the waves. Up from the water, the Souls of those passing are lifted up into The Heart of the World Mother. I call it “Rescue” ~ Georgia Lambert ~ Watch the World Mother recite the Great Invocation here. Animation, vocal and original music by Georgia Lambert.




ARTIST: Georgia Lambert
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 20″ x 16.48″
The original is not for sale but prints are available for $40 each. The artist uses high-quality, heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks. Image size is  20″ x 16.48″.

The Artist’s Story:  The original oil painting of the Goddess SEKHMET, was painted as one of a series of Western, Warrior Goddesses.

The Goddess SEKHMET is shown in both her aspects, as a Lioness, and as a Woman. The first thing I tried to create in this painting, was the quality of Light. In the original, this is more apparent, but if you will notice, the right side of the painting is in evening light, and the left side, in bright afternoon sun. The right side of the brain is the invocative side and, as in ancient cultures the new day began at sunset. This side of the painting heralds the new era. The Goddess lifts her left hand (right brain) to the evening sky. A symbolic doorway appears over the constellation ORION. The star SIRIUS can be seen faintly in the woman’s hair, behind her hand. This is the sacred space of the sky the Egyptians called the DUAT, the region to which OSIRIS would rise and rule. A black hole opens in the center of ORION, a gateway to other dimensions. SEKHMET invokes the future via this opening, and the Light of its Soul pours through, creating a blue-white beam downward to the eye of Hours, to ground far beneath the Earth in the very heart of our planet.

In looking at some of the symbology of this painting, one notices that the Lioness is not an African Lion, but a North American Panther. I chose this because in several Esoteric traditions, America is considered reincarnated Egypt. The crown on the head of the Lioness is taken from Egyptian wall paintings, but I arranged the lotus flower to bend over the Ajna Center, the chakra between the brows. The stem of the blossom curves around the crown it emulate the serpent and apple of the Garden of Eden. The blossom falls directly in the center of the head of the woman, a mystical place of meditation, the heart center within the head.

At the far-left edge we see the ghostly figure of NEKHBET, the Vulture Goddess, symbolizing Upper Egypt, and the South. As vultures disperse the dead, she along with the other gods is on the side of the waning sun, the age now passing. Below her is of course, HOURS, the falcon, reaching with left wing toward the new light. The wing crosses a large vertical opal in the collar of the Goddess. Opals were not only a symbol of synthesis because of their many colours, but were also associated with death, The falcon stands upon a ruby disc, symbolizing purpose, power, will, and the beginning and ending of cycles. This round ruby is covered by the head of ANUBIS, guardian of the Underworld, and director of initiation. The body of ANUBIS and the alter upon which he crouches, lies on the vertical Golden Section proportion of the painting. This is the proportion of all of Nature, and the signature of this planet. The angle of the beam of new light is just less than 90 degrees, at 86. This is the number of death, the passing of an age into the birth of the new. This new Light, transmitted to the heart of the earth produces transmutation of the past. Below, the small humans attending the Temple echo these themes. They have built invocative obelisks at the Eastern door of the Temple, and set their lights ablaze. The temple itself is of course, a pyramid, which means, “fire in the middle”. Man, the living Spark of God, is that fire which bridges dimensions, and relates the new Fire of Heaven, with the Ancient Fires of the Earth.     (The original oil, was painted in 1997, and resides in a private collection.)

To participate in this program or, if you have additional questions, please email us at: