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The IFGT offers a wide variety of self-development classes and courses from which to choose that will help guide you along your chosen path in life.

Our exceptional team of instructors, who have decades of experience, offer classes, courses, and coaching programs that reveal little-know knowledge and wisdom that can literally change your life and help you maneuver through today’s rapidly changing times, which are like none other in  human history. You will receive practical, hands-on techniques that, if practiced, will literally change your life. These programs are designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced seeker.

Our Classes, Courses and Coaching Programs:

  • Present you with knowledge and techniques on how to attune with your Higher-Self (your unlimited, eternal self) in order to create the life you envision, reach your full potential, learn how to utilize your innate wisdom, power and purpose, and master your life
  • Help you discover your true value and purpose in life.
  • Present you with information and techniques on the power of intent to achieve happiness, success, health, and abundance.
  • Shift humanity from a spirit of separation to a spirit of inclusiveness, and how attaining higher consciousness will help create a better world for all.


Dianne Collins QuantumThnk Coaching Program

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
A 28  Episode Video Course. The entire 28 episodes are specially priced at only $25 . Because learning how to QuantumThink® can literally change your world, I’ve made this course affordable for everyone. Join me for Master Your Mind, Master Your Life here.

QuantumThink® Coaching Program
In Dianne Collins and Alan Collins’s coaching program, you will learn how to use the art of intent to master your life and achieve your higher potential, use perspective to solve challenges in your life; identify and transmute old, outdated habits and patterns; and make changes in areas of your life you thought were impossible. Find out more at:  QuantumThink® Coaching Program



Dr. Maryann Miller

Transformation,  Unlock the Power Within
Dr. Maryann Miller’s online course is for the beginner to intermediate seeker. It covers the Laws of the Universe and their practical application to assist you in creating the life you envision for yourself, finding your purpose in life, and achieving self-mastery. The course examines the esoteric meaning of the soul and the four levels of consciousness each human being goes through before reaching soul-consciousness. At the end of the class you will have been given the necessary information that, if applied, will assist you in attaining higher states of consciousness and self-mastery.


Professor OnenessOneness Perception Training™ (OPT) – New Frontiers 

Life is about relationships. How you relate to yourself, to other people, other things and to the universe. OPT is a recipe for achieving and maintaining balance, perspective and transformation.

The OPT recipe requires an open mind to hold the various ingredients. Into this container we pour the perennial wisdom of ancient and modern quantum thinking-along with a small dose of the science of quantum physics. As you absorb and integrate these ingredients – an alchemical process/pattern will occur from within and without your own conscious experience – rendering a Practical Balance and Presence of Mind – that is uniquely unlike anything most of us have previously experienced.


Georgia Lambert ClassesGeorgia Lambert Classes and Courses

Georgia Lambert’s classes and courses teach esoteric wisdom from East and Western mystery traditions. They are designed to give you knowledge and techniques needed to reach higher states of consciousness and move into soul consciousness.