Programs About Transformational Business

What is a Transformational Business?

The primary distinguishing factors between a traditional business and a transformational business are Intent. (additional information)

  • The primary goal of a traditional business is to create profits for its shareholders.
  • The primary goal of a transformational business is to advance and raise the quality of how we live on this planet.


  • A traditional business applies methods of production aiming to improve the mechanics of the organization.
  • A transformational business applies methods of transformation aiming to forward meaning for its customers and the whole community it impacts.

A Transformational Business is a community of individuals which, through products or services, aims to advance and raise the quality of the lives of a larger community. If you are a transformational leader and would like to connect, please contact us so we can transform business together.

Are you a Transformational Business Leader?

Join Philip Horvath, consultant to social communities, lifestyle brands, media companies, Fortune 500 businesses, and former IFGT Business Department Director, as he shares how a successful Transformational Business can be created:

How is a Transformational Business created? – Click Here

consulting1Consultants and Speakers

If you are interested in participating in creating new models for transformational business or are interested in learning more about how to create a transformational business, we have professional consultants and speakers available to support you. Contact us for more information.

Information and Resources

We are working to collect a series of resources on transformational business. Please Contact Us if you wish to contribute.

Adapt Perennial Wisdom Tools for Organizational Use

We are currently in the process of investigating a variety of perennial wisdom tools to see how they can be applied in business settings. This approach was already tested in several business projects, resulting in the design of program management templates, business model creation tools, and best practices approaches.

A Passion For Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform
From Fifty Years of Public Service

“People, not systems, implement an agenda for change. … At every level, a leader should strive to make his employees proud to be where they are and doing what they do. …Part of a leader’s responsibility is to ensure that employees know how their work fits into the bigger picture, how it makes a contribution, a difference. To lead reform successfully, a leader must empower subordinates. …A successful leader, and especially one leading change, treats each member of his team with respect and dignity…you can be the toughest, most demanding leader on the planet and still treat people with respect and dignity.” ~Robert M. Gates

If you are interested in co-creating new models, practices and tools for transformational business, please contact us for more information by Clicking Here.