Change-Makers ~ continued

How do you describe yourself?   Are you a Change-Maker?

Change-Makers creating a new world paradigmDo you occasionally feel a little out of step with a some of your friends, are you sometimes criticized for thinking differently, long to find a community of like-minded people, live your irreplaceable purpose, and somehow leave the world a better place for having journeyed here? If so, you have found a home.

Dianne Collins, a member of the IFGT Board of Directors and author of QuantumThink®, New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, says: “Millions of people the world over are part of this New Mainstream. The New Mainstream is defined by recognition that we are in a time of awakening to a new mindset, an expanded worldview and yes, a higher-level consciousness for humanity. The New Mainstream is defined by a cosmic pulse of awakening.” (To read Dianne’s full article, Click Here.)

As a Change-Maker, your unique contribution to creating a new world paradigm cannot be accomplished by anyone else. You are the only piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly into that empty and awaiting space. It’s important you understand just how special you are to the world.

As individuals we are powerful, as a global community working as One toward World Goodwill – we are Unstoppable!
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Because of the non-local aspect of our consciousness, there is research that proves that group intention is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Watch the video  Here.

Change-Makers are a community of individuals creating enlightened changes in our personal lives and through these changes, are together, creating a profound new world paradigm of love, wisdom, purpose and inclusiveness.

Remarkably, many of us don’t know that others like us exist as a collective body and because of this our concerns, solutions, ideas and voices are not being heard socially, economically or environmentally. This makes us blind to our potential power to help create real and lasting positive change in the world. But together, there’s over 100 million of us in the United States and over 200 million world-wide so it’s important to know that You are part of a growing community of Change-Makers who are making a difference!The IFGT’s Change-Makers Global Network is designed to:

  • Build awareness among Change-Makers that they are part of a group millions strong who see the world differently and who share similar aspirations for self, humanity and the planet.
  • Nurture an understanding of the wisdom of higher consciousness, focused intention, and strategic thinking to help improve your individual life, and in so doing, make the world a better place for all.
  • Provide an arena for programs, activities, transformational conversations, webinars, and networking designed to support Change-Makers in creating paradigm-shift solutions to personal issues as well as social, environmental and economic issues facing humanity and the planet.
  • Communicate the skills necessary to create and contribute to a Transformational Life that is purposeful and opens once unimagined and unlimited possibilities.

By contributing to a global awakening, we accelerate humanity’s collective evolution. Find out more about yourself here.

Maryann Miller, President of the Institute For Global Transformation



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