JoAnn Jancik Stained Glass

ARTIST: JoAnn Jancik
TITLE: Tall Agate Lamp
MEDIUM: Agate, Stained Glass
SIZE: 8 in X 8 in X 41 in
PRICE: $4,200.00

“I merge my love of stained glass and natural stone in these illuminated lamps. First I look at the stone, then I pair its various pieces of glass. Once I determine the size I then build the structure, soldering reinforcements throughout the skeleton to support the weight. Then I solder the elements together to form a panel and mount it onto the frame. I add the LED lighting to illuminate it. When I turn on the switch and the beauty of the agate shows through – it’s just magical!”



Jerry Maxey Vase

ARTIST: Jerry Maxey
TITLE: Tall Vase
MEDIUM: Rattan, Seagrass & Wood
SIZE: 13 in. X 17 in
PRICE: $500.00

“First I get the wood for the top and bottom. I turn it on a lathe and then once I get both pieces milled, I attach rattan spokes to form it into a cage. It takes me about 2 hours to do this. I used some old pecan wood that I found for the top and bottom of this vase. Then I just sit down and take the dyed seagrass and start weaving the grass through the rattan spokes. The patterns depend on how much of a color I have on hand and the overall size and shape of the piece. It took me 22 hours to weave this piece. When I’m finished weaving, I rub the whole piece with tung oil and it’s done!”



Hand Drum, Elk Skin

ARTIST: Guillermo Martinez
TITLE: Hand Drum
MEDIUM: Elk Hide & Hard Maple Laminate
SIZE:      18 in.
PRICE:   $200.00

“I make the drum with utmost care. I cut the lacing by hand so they are long and even. I lay the hide flat, smooth it out, cut to an appropriate size, punch the holes then stretch it over the frame. Then I begin the lacing. Sometimes while lacing I will sing, sometimes I will just hear the quiet. I make offerings of food and tobacco to Spirit.”


Nathan Favors-Manzanita Bowl

ARTIST: Nathan Favors
TITLE: Manzanita Bowl
MEDIUM: Manzanita Wood
SIZE: 16 in X 16 in
PRICE: $1250.00

“I start out with a piece of wood, study the shape, form and grain. Each piece of wood has to be air dried- the time it takes to dry tightens the grain and gives the wood its’ strength. Then I turn it by hand on a lathe to round it out. I like to retain as much of the natural edge as I can but each piece is different. Then I sand it with different grades of sand paper to get it smooth. These large bowls take a lot of muscle. Finally I finished it with 6 coats of oil. All together it takes 13 different steps to make a bowl.”