Environmental Program

Environmental Program: Preservation and Conservation of Clean Water

LaKeshia Garrett, Program Manager

LaKeshia Garrett on environment
The IFGT is engaged in an environmental program to help preserve and conserve fresh, clean water for today and future generations.  Our goal is to help raise consciousness about how to establish a right-relationship with earth’s natural resources and help planet Earth renew herself.

Water is becoming the new Gold. Rivers and streams along popular walking trails are becoming dumping grounds for trash. It’s important to let our nature lovers know they won’t be enjoying nature walks for long, if trash dumping into rivers and streams continues.

Watch a great YouTube video:  Water – The Solvable Crisis with Stuart Orr.

We encourage your support for this local, national, and global service project. Together, we’re creating a better world now and for future generations. 

If you have comments and would like to share your ideas, or participate in our environmental group program, Click Here.