Public Service Programs

Public Service Programs

save the environmentThe IFGT’s public service programs include environmental Issues, consciousness and humanitarian Issues. Our members are also passionate about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, non GMOs and climate change.

Conservation and Preservation of Clean Water Program

LaKeshia Garrett on environmentLaKeshia Garrett, Program Manager, has initiated an environmental program to help conserve and preserve fresh, clean water for today and future generations. This will also help planet Earth renew herself. We invite you to join us in this effort.




Transforming the World One Kind Deed At a Time

Renee LuczynyskiRenee Luczynski, Program Manager, says the process of preforming One Kind Deed supports the practice of accessing higher levels of consciousness, oneness, and purpose. This is a unifying force that shapes and gives meaning to life itself. Please join us in doing One Kind Deed – it’s free.

Past Public Service Projects

Vial For Life Project:

Vial-For-Life_edited-1-225x300Renée Luczynski, Public Services Department Chair has developed the Vial for Life program. This is a wonderful and acknowledged way of making the choice to live more securely.

This plastic pill bottle comes with the label Vial for Life. Inside the bottle is a red magnet that also says, Vile for Life. It is to be placed on your refrigerator door and the bottle is to be placed inside your refrigerator, on the top shelf.

A sheet of paper, inside the bottle, lists emergency contacts, doctors, all the meds you are currently taking and a list of questions about allergies, diabetes, etc. On the back of the paper is a list of additional contacts, to be filled-in, other important information and where it may be found.

All of this information and phone numbers may not seem important to you right now, but could one day help you or your family when you least expect it. Everything is just a vial away and could literally save your life!

If the Vial for Life program is not available in your area, you may Order a Vial for Life, from the IFGT. The suggested donation is $10, which will cover the supplies needed to make the product as well as shipping and handling. If this amount is more than you can afford, just contribute whatever you can; we will be happy to ship you the Vial for Life. (This is only available in the USA). To order your Vile for Life, click on the PayPal Donate button.

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