Public Services

Public Services Department

Helping HumanityThe focus of the Public Services Department is to encourage the transformation of consciousness in all areas of life. Our aim is to inform the public of issues that impact humanity and the planet. This Department, among other activities, designs and participates in local, national, and global service projects, developed by members, that assist in creating a better world for ourselves and future generations. Members and individuals contribute their combined wisdom to support and advance the importance of inclusiveness, cooperation, and higher consciousness in all areas of life.

Public Service Programs

  • Distant Service Council,  The Distant Service Council is a free service of the IFGT. The Council consists of over 100 individuals who meditate or pray on your behalf for the assistance you have requested. The Distant Service Council is intrinsically concerned with the balance, health, and harmony of the whole person, as well as the whole of humanity.
  • Transformational Conversations, Group on Facebook. This conversation group is open to the public. Members of the group post topics and information of interest. Your voice is important; add it to the conversation.
  • Conscious Conversation Salons, Conscious Conversations build a sense of relationships, awareness, engagement, and connectedness. They help bring us together in ways that dissolve bias, dogmatism and intolerance, and instead build compassion, open mindedness and peace. They can also ignite passion and creativity and generate a shared higher vision and wisdom for the topic being discussed. Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation ~Amadeus Wolfe
  • The Environment,  Water Sustainability  We’re deeply interested in the environment and want to initiate an environmental program. One of our ideas is to initiate a program to help conserve and preserve fresh, clean water for today and future generations. This will also help planet Earth renew herself. We invite you to read more about this effort. If you are interested in an environmental program please contact us here.