Roundtable Speakers Corner

The Roundtable Speakers Corner,
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Listen as Sharon Crigler introduces our
Roundtable  Team.

The Roundtable, among other things, represents a wheel of possibility through which different aspects of consciousness come together to successfully create interconnecting webs and systems of organic growth. Each segment in the circle represents a diverse focus through which friendship, collaboration, wisdom,  and connectedness aligns our hearts and minds resulting in a synthesis of purpose in action.

Our Roundtable Speakers consist of leading-edge experts on a wide variety of topics: The Arts, Business, Self-Development, Spirituality, Public Service, and Science and Engineering.

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The Arts


Science and Engineering


Public Service


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Watch 4 of our internationally celebrated Roundtable Speakers:

 What is a Transformational Business? – Philip Horvath

QuantumThink™ – A new process of thinking that will literally change your world.

Advances in Science and Engineering Today –  Dr. Hassan Rashidi

Meditation and Consciousness with Georgia Lambert

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