Transformational Conversations

Transformational Conversations

Together, We’re Making The World A Better Place For All.

Transformational Conversation

What is a Transformational Conversation?

Dr. Judith Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence says a Transformational Conversation is one in which both or all parties co-create solutions. Transformational conversations trigger the prefrontal cortex in the brain which leads to trust, empathy, strategic thinking and good judgment.”

Purpose of Transformational Conversations (TC)

The purpose of conducting a Transformational Conversations is to develop a higher level of consciousness and connectedness to others during a conversation.  A TC will ignite the passion and creativity in others to engage in purposeful, mindful conversations that generate a shared higher vision for the topic being discussed. TCs also build relationships, awareness and engagement.

Awakening our higher consciousness is the basis for all the change we seek to make in the world. As Change-Makers we are engaging in Transformational Conversations that offer the possibility of creating a new world paradigm out of which profound new solutions can arise, solutions that can’t be envisioned from the current paradigm in which we’re now living. This new paradigm will open the door to the possibility of a quantum leap in our ability to generate a wiser, more collaborative spirit and an understanding of our oneness.

How are Transformational Conversations Conducted?

It’s necessary to raise our consciousness from everyday thinking to higher levels of consciousness. When a team is able to establish a more we/us approach, rather than an I/me approach, connection with higher consciousness is more readily achieved.

Transformational Conversations – A Process

Transformational Conversation is a process that opens up access to your heart, inner wisdom, and purpose. With practice, it assists you in developing real understanding, clearer decisions and follow-through. When participating in a Transformational Conversation, the following steps are important.

Steps for Transformational Conversations

In a more formal setting, the possibility of participating in a Transformational Conversation begins at the moment the participants begin to meet and greet one another – even before words are spoken. Body language, eye contact, the space that’s been prepared; all are essential ingredients to the atmosphere being created.

  1. Create a safe, inviting, trustworthy atmosphere. Your intention shapes the conversation.
  2. Speak from within a place of integrity; words do matter. They speak of who you are. They can open doors to understanding or close doors to transformation.
  3. Be an authentic listener and demonstrate a willingness to understand others.
  4. Mindfulness – you must be fully present in body, mind and heart. Mindfulness is the art of listening and speaking from both your  heart and head. If you’re texting or fidgeting, you’re not being fully present and certainly not being mindful.
  5.  Understand the importance of brevity when speaking or speaking too often. Remember, if you are speaking, you’re not listening.
  6. Stay focused and listen with the intent to understand instead of constructing how you want to reply. It’s obvious to someone speaking when this occurs.
  7. When listening, you may discover that you’ve had similar experiences, however, it’s not always necessary to relate your personal experiences. If it is appropriate, be brief. This is not the time for a blow by blow account.
  8. Lays aside your ego and the need to be right or more knowledgeable at the expense of others.
  9. Take ownership of your opinions with honesty and a humbleness of spirit.
  10. Asking the right questions is critical . This requires a keen listening ability and an undaunted persistence to create a space for transformation to take place.
  11. It’s important to understand that no one has all of the answers. It’s okay to say you don’t know.
  12. Keep your purpose in mind at all times. Transformational Conversation is a process, not a destination.

The Change-Makers Global Network and Transformational Conversations

Through the Change-Makers Global Network, Change-Makers connect and engage in purposeful conversations, projects, programs and activities with those who desire to share their ideas, interests, creativity and passion for building a better world.

The Change-Makers Global Network is designed to:

  • Build awareness among Change-Makers that they are part of a group millions strong who see the world differently and who share similar aspirations for self, humanity and the plane.
  • Nurture an understanding of the wisdom of higher consciousness, focused intention, and strategic thinking to help make the world a better place for all.
  • Provide an arena for transformational conversations, programs, activities, webinars, and networking designed to support Change-Makers in creating paradigm-shift solutions to social, environmental and economic issues facing humanity and the planet.
  • Communicate the skills necessary to create and contribute to Transformational Conversations that are purposeful and open once unimagined and unlimited possibilities.

We can successfully achieve these objectives through Relationship Building. Our relationships with one another, the community, organizations, businesses, and other nations is dependent upon our conversations. Relationships are at the basis of everything and they affect everything. Relationship building can create win-win scenarios.

As Change Makers, we are committed to helping solve the challenges currently facing humanity and the planet. We hold the key and together, we can create solutions that will ultimately generate a totally new and profound world paradigm of inclusiveness, purpose, love and wisdom.

The IFGT encourages and supports our Members to engage their local communities with Transformation Conversations designed to build better relationships and provide ideas and strategies from which to choose that include interesting and fun ways to achieve shared goals.