Welcome to the Institute for Global Transformation™ (IFGT)

The IFGT is your go-to place for Transformational programs, classes, and information. We invite you to join our community of like-minded individuals who, together, are creating a better world for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support individual transformations in consciousness and in the way humanity interacts with one another so as to bring about positive change in the world, individually and collectively.

Three Areas of Foci through which we carry out our mission
and create positive change.


Key to TransformationPersonal Transformation

Have you found the key to your personal transformation?  Do you have questions about how higher consciousness relates to your everyday life? Explore our experiential and practical Programs and Courses that help you reach your highest potential, create the life you envision, and set you on a path to self-mastery. Why is this important?

Change-Makers NetworkingSocietal Transformation

We explore and create ways we can work together in all areas of life to create a better world for everyone.

Global TransformationGlobal Transformation 

In order to create a difference in the world, it’s important to create the surest path for transformation.  Explore our global programs that are helping to transform humanity, and ultimately the world.

IFGT supports the emergence of a
New Species within Humanity

Change-Makers creating a new world paradigm It is being said there’s a new species emerging within humanity. The IFGT calls them the Change-Makers. We come from all walks of life, all races, education, religions, socio-economic status, age, and spiritual development.

We build bridges instead of walls, are concerned with becoming masters of our individual lives, helping the environment, bringing trust and transparency back to economics, promoting responsible science and engineering, and honesty with regard to social issues, relationships among people, communities and nations. It is the nature of these characteristics that holds the power to create real, lasting, and positive change in the world. What unites us is… read more

We are creating enlightened changes in our personal lives and through these changes are, together, creating a profound new world model of interconnectedness, inclusiveness, harmony and purpose. Are you a Change-Maker? Discover more here.

As a Change-Maker, what would you like to change?  Find out more here.


IFGT’s Extensive Programs and On-Line Courses
Explore Them Here.

We offer a rich variety of affordable, real solutions to support your personal growth. Our programs, on-line courses, and articles give you the tools and techniques needed to master your unlimited self and guide you to a more joyful, successful, and purposeful life.

Our Spotlighted Program

Master Your Mind, Master Your LifeTraining in Purposeful Living

This month we would like to put a spotlight on Master Your Mind, Master Your Life. This is a life-changing 28 day video course that teaches you how to QuantumThink®. You watch each video (approx 30 minutes each) on your own – anytime that’s convenient for you. Live the Wisdom!
Click Here to watch the FREE trailer and find out how you can change your life!


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