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A New Species Is Emerging

Change-Makers creating a new world paradigm It is being said there is a new species emerging within humanity. The IFGT calls them the Change-Makers. We come from all walks of life, all races, education, religions, socio-economic status, age, and spiritual development. We are creating enlightened changes in our personal lives and through these changes are, together, creating a profound new world model of interconnectedness, inclusiveness, harmony and purpose. Are you a Change-Maker? If so, what would you like to change?  Find out more here.


“In order to change the external situation we must first change within ourselves.” ~The Dalai Lama
Change is at the root of creating a better world, and at the root of all change is consciousness. Sometimes it is simply becoming aware that something is harmful and therefore needs to be changed. Other times, it is the awareness that the path we have been traveling upon is not leading us to our desired destination. No matter what change we seek, it is always a change in consciousness that illuminates the path to change.  Why consciousness is important.

IFGT’s Departments

The Departments of the Institute for Global Transformation™ offer different areas of focus through which we bring about positive change in the world. Each department’s programs and courses provide specific ways for you to achieve personal mastery and, in doing so, create a better world for everyone.

Transformational Business
Business Transformation Department
Tao of oneness
21st Century Philosophy Department
New age art
The Arts Department and Marketplace
Healing Arts
Healing Arts Department


Your Donations make a real difference in our ability to create a better world for everyone. Because we are a 501c3 non-profit, your donations are tax deductible according to tax law. Find out more about how your contributions help support our programs or you may donate  by Clicking Here.

Programs And On-Line Courses

The IFGT programs and on-line courses give you the tools and techniques to discover and explore your unlimited self, transform your consciousness, and guide you to a more joyful, successful, and purposeful life. This, in turn, will create a better world for everyone.

The Art of Relating
Exploring the many ways in which we interact.
The Art of Relating
The Art of Relating Podcast – live May 31st.
Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
SPECIALLY PRICED E-Course: Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
Oneness Movement and your Infinite Heart
DONATE HERE – We’re creating a better world. Will you help?
Transformational Conversations
Add Your Voice To The Conversations
The Artists’ Attic: Marketplace and Showcase
Lightworkers Service Council
Distant Service Councils for free spiritual assistance
Meditation and Prayer Focus
Monthly Meditation and Prayer Focus
Find Me! Teach Me! Workshops
Teaching young people creative skills to view their lives in more positive, productive ways.


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