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Change-Makers creating a new world paradigmThe Institute for Global Transformation™ (IFGT) is a global community of progressive and innovative thinkers seeking to raise our consciousness and bring about positive changes in the way humanity interacts. We bring together an ever-expanding global community of those who aspire to transform the world into a better place for everyone. We come from all walks of life, all races, education, religions, socioeconomic status, age, and spiritual development. Are you a Change-Maker? Find out here.

 Our Departments’ Areas of Focus

The Institute for Global Transformation™ is composed of Five Departments, each department providing a different path by which we help to create a better world. Through each of these Departments and their Programs, the Institute provides a framework for the attainment of higher consciousness, self-mastery, and the creation of new approaches to achieving true, positive, and lasting change in the world.

Transformational Business
Business Transformation Department
Tao of oneness
21st Century Philosophy Department
New age art
The Arts Department and Marketplace
Healing Arts
Healing Arts Department
science and engineering
Science and Engineering Department

IFGT Department Programs

Within each Department are multiple programs that bring together those who aspire to raise their consciousness and create better lives for themselves, and in so doing, accelerate humanity’s transformation.  Simply put, if we truly want something to change, we must take action, and there is no better time to take action than right now. The IFGT programs and classes bring together a community of individuals who aspire to raise awareness and accelerate humanity’s transformation. They provide a path to discover and explore your unlimited self, raise your consciousness, and accelerate your journey to self-mastery.

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web courses
Personal Development On-Line Classes and Courses
Monthly Meditations and Prayer Focus with Dennis Kwiatkowski
Meditations and Prayer Focus with Dennis Kwiatkowski
Lightworkers Service Council
IFGT’s Distant Service Council – Contact us for free metaphysical assistance
Transformational Conversations
Transformational Conversations on IFGT Facebook Page
Book and Movie Reviews
Book and Movie Reviews & Suggested Inspirational Movies


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