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 If we want to make the world a better place, it begins with ourselves; it begins with you and it begins with me. One of the most difficult human endeavors is to boldly take the step from aspiration to action, to move from inspiration to true change. Truth is, while words may inspire – inspiration without action is just possibility. Action transforms possibility into reality. Action brings about change and it is action  that will make a better me, a better you, and a better world.


 Our Programs, Classes, and Shared Wisdom


Simply put, if we truly want something to change, we must take action, and there is no better time to take action than right now. The IFGT programs and classes bring together a community of individuals who aspire to raise awareness and accelerate humanity’s transformation. They provide a path to discover and explore your unlimited self, raise your consciousness, and accelerate your journey to self-mastery.
Change-Makers creating a new world paradigm
Are You A Change-Maker? Together, We’re Creating A Better World
The Oneness Movement with Dr. Michael Mason
Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
Master Your Mind, Master Your Life with Dianne Collins
You are Valued and Appreciated! Your DONATIONS are helping to create a better world.
Drs. Maryann and Matthew Miller
JUST ASK – Conscious Conversations with Maryann and Matthew Miller
Find Me! Teach Me! Workshops
Empowering Challenged Youth to be all they can be through Acting, Voice & Movement
Article Archive Enter
Article Archive – Enter the Doorway of Your Choice
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web courses
Personal Development On-Line Classes and Courses
Monthly Meditations and Prayer Focus with Dennis Kwiatkowski
Monthly Meditations and Prayer Focus with Dennis Kwiatkowski
Lightworkers Service Council
IFGT’s Distant Service Council – Contact us for free metaphysical assistance
Cannery Row Monterey
The Arts Department and Artists’ Marketplace – Artists share inspirational stories & sell their Art
Transformational Conversations
Transformational Conversations on IFGT Facebook Page
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Book and Movie Reviews
Book and Movie Reviews & Suggested Inspirational Movies
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Links to our Companions in Service to Humanity

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