Conscious Conversation Salons

Conscious Conversation Salon
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We’re connecting one conversation at a time. Conscious Conversations build a sense of relationships, awareness, engagement, and connectedness. They help bring us together in ways that dissolve bias, dogmatism and intolerance, and instead build compassion, open mindedness and peace. They can also ignite passion and creativity and generate a shared higher vision and wisdom for the topic being discussed. Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation ~Amadeus Wolfe


DATE:  To be announced
TOPIC: We’ll discuss how we can better reach out to the general population to help create and support a more well-grounded sense and understanding of the oneness of humanity.
5:30 to 6:30 P.M. Pacific and  8:30 to 9:30 P.M. Eastern Time Zone – USA
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Many ancient traditions talk about the oneness of humanity and the universe. Modern spiritual and metaphysical writers have done their best to encourage and support humanity’s oneness and the benefits of unconditional love.  Yet how many people see humanity as one? On the contrary, we seem to be separated more than ever. And yet many feel that a global transformation is upon us. Your voice matters; we invite you to share it. Signup at the bottom of this page.


Our first Salon was a great success. We discussed how each of us successfully deal with our chaotic changing times. Listen to the full replay below. Or, if you prefer to listen to a couple snippets,  just scroll down.

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Snippets from the IFGT’s first Salon:

How low energy affect your frame of mind – 4 minutes:

How today’s chaotic world affects you and everyone else – 6 minutes:

We invite you to join us at our next Conscious Conversation Salon to share your opinions, creativity, ideas and concerns on the topic of the day. (Salons are Free to all)

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Conscious Conversation Salons

Conscious Conversation Salons