Alan Collins

Alan Collins, Business and QuantumThink™ Coach

Alan CollinsAlan Collins, Master QuantumThink Coach and Strategic QuantumThink™ Consultant, emanates his natural inclination to have people be successful in all areas of their lives. His exceptional talent and intuitive ability to zoom in directly on what is most significant for people, instantly connects them to their power to go forward in living their vision.

Alan’s deep appreciation for the value of QuantumThinking™ in one’s personal and business life, and his ability to convey it’s value to people in ways that profoundly transform them forever make him a truly gifted Master Coach of QuantumThinking™. Alan has led group programs and coaching sessions with thousands of people of all ages and walks of life and is known by his peers as a “coach’s coach.”

For more than 10 years Alan and Dianne Collins have presented QuantumThink™ with outstanding success to entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide and to executives, managers, consultants and staff in the world’s leading companies including:

  • Accenture
  • AT&T
  • IBM
  • Grainger
  • DuPont
  • Chase
  • Telstra
  • McKinsey & Co.

Also to leaders and officials in the United States government including…

  • Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • National Partnership for Reinventing Government under former VP, Al Gore
  • Federal Executive Institute, Office of Personnel Management
  • United States Mint