Aquaman and Current Events
By Dennis Kwiatkowski

Neptune's TridentIn the film Aquaman, the main character (who is from the underwater kingdom of Atlantis) is in search of a special trident which is guarded and protected by a formidable creature.  The trident can only be claimed and wielded by one who is the true king and who would use it wisely to unite the upper and lower worlds.  This is reminiscent of the task of the mystic to build a bridge between the inner and outer selves in balanced expression in order to wisely wield the predominant soul power of one’s true nature.

Interestingly the trident is the astrological symbol of the planet Neptune, a planet of some importance right now.  This may be another example of a Hollywood film having a guiding cosmic hand influencing it as the soul understands these archetypal symbols. Neptune deals with what is below the surface.  Fantasy, illusion, deceit, trickery, escapism, but importantly spirituality and truth and creative inspiration—how we wield energy for our personal and collective betterment. Neptune is currently in the middle degrees of it watery home sign of Pisces, and aided by Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and other planetary aspects, deception is being uncovered and much truth is being revealed this year and in the coming years.

Astrologers have stated that events will get wilder and weirder this year than they have already been (which is saying a lot). They continue to caution against extreme solutions, coercive tendencies and fanatical ideas.  And because of the position of Chiron, the wounded healer, this is a good time astrologically for all of us to get in touch with our sacred wounds and what we are trying to heal within ourselves.  What is working for us, and what isn’t working for us, and what is the next step forward?  As astrologer Kim Marie would say, what is there to learn about becoming more self-empowered and how well can you temper yourself and have consideration for others?

What else should we keep in mind at this time? Things don’t have to make sense and often won’t initially.  And problems may resolve in unexpected or roundabout ways.  A lot of people may experience revisitations of relationships and memories from earlier years which will reveal why things had to be the way they were.  Thus it is a time of insight, if we are open to it. Above all, be adaptable, flexible, keep a sense of humor, embrace the unknown so we may understand and evolve, remain in integrity, stay centered and in the NOW and know that spiritual help and support is flowing to all those who are working toward the betterment and upliftment of all.

Meditation Focus: May we see all people being enlightened by the truth that is being revealed and responding in ways that support the unity, oneness, healing and well-being of all people everywhere.


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