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ARTIST: Rob Richardson

TITLE: Great Horned Owl

MEDIUM: Inkjet Print

SIZE: 14 in X 11 in

PRICE: $150

“In 2012 I went with a friend to the Raptor Show at Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA. It was there I saw this magnificent bird so I took some pictures of it, went home and downloaded the images onto my computer and forgot about them. In 2018 I sat down at my computer and what pops up? The pictures I took of this owl back in 2012! I thought – that’s a really good pic!. So I decided to use it!




ARTIST: Christina Howells

TITLE: We Have To Talk

MEDIUM: Photograph

SIZE: 10 in X 14 in

PRICE: $100

” I am a photographer who suffers from social anxiety disorder. I either
hear things wrong or say things wrong, I’m never sure if my perceptions
are accurate in social situations and so communication is very stressful
for me. I had an exterminator out to my house one day. I was inside
photographing things just laying around when the exterminator, having just
finished up, came into the room to tell me he was finished. He was holding
a perfectly round piece of honeycomb that he had collected from the eaves
of my house and asked me if I would like to have it. I said “sure” and
upon inspection, determined that it was the same size as the earpiece on
my telephone. I placed it on top, it fit perfectly and I snapped the



ARTIST: Meera Naqvi

TITLE: Beloved

MEDIUM: Photograph

SIZE: 10 in x 8 in

PRICE: $200

” I was visiting in the city of Dehli, India. I wasn’t allowed to go out
on my own so whenever I did get to travel with a group, I would be in a
hurry to take as many pictures as I could while I had the chance. One day
I was riding in the back of a car and trying to photograph everything that
I could as the car sped through the streets when we passed these two men
kissing and I captured the image!”



Brittany Laubach Pink Honda

ARTIST:  Brittainy Laubach
TITLE: Pink Honda
MEDIUM: Inkjet Print 
                                                 SIZE: 20 in. X 20 in.                                                 
PRICE: $100

 “So I ran this ad on Craigslist looking for interesting people to photograph and this was a girl (I can’t even remember her name) that answered my ad. She told me on the phone that she was 17 and really wanted to be a model. We made a date to meet and I’m there waiting for her when this BRIGHT PINK Honda shows up with her in it!  She got out the car and told me this was her first car and she had saved her money and painted it pink. She obviously didn’t have the classic “model” look – but I was enthralled with her energy and confidence that I just had to capture both her and the car. We spent all day together just doing our things and just as she leaned against her car the wind came up and blew her hair perfectly. She was such an inspiration to me, and still is.”



Brittany Laubach Best Friends

 ARTIST: Brittainy Laubach 
TITLE: Best Friends 
MEDIUM: Inkjet Print 
SIZE: 20 in. X 20 in. 
PRICE: $100 

“My best friend from college, Reagan, asked me to come to Tulsa for her brother’s wedding. While we remained close,we hadn’t seen each other much since college so I was really looking forward to seeing her.  So I get out there and I find out that she has ANOTHER best friend – one that lives in Tulsa, that I never knew of.  It was the night before the wedding and we were all just hanging out  with each other and connecting so I got out my camera and took some pictures.  When I looked through the pictures I had taken that night, I was drawn to the shot of Reagan with her arms around her “other best friend” and I realized that this image epitomized the relationship I had with her.’