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Carolyn Zakarija - Beyond

ARTIST: Carolyn Zakarija
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
SIZE: 20 in. x 24 in.
PRICE:   $800.00

“I was listening to the radio one day and these sad, sad stories were being told about the plight of refugees having to flee their homes in war torn countries with nothing but their hope for a better life. I am a jewelry designer by trade but I also love working with found objects. I was  in my studio – listening to these sad stories when I saw these little ducks and I thought of how these poor refugees were just like these little yellow ducks – very small, very many, and very innocent. As I listened to the stories of how refugees were often taken advantage of and mistreated I thought of how they were like “sitting ducks” with absolutely no way of defending themselves. I placed the ducks in a red boat filled with shredded paper to represent their lives being in shreds. I mounted the boat on top of blue hands thinking not only did their fates rest on the waves but also in the hands of strangers. I also thought that the hands could be helping hands or hands that are waiting to take advantage of them. The dice on the grass below represents the gamble of their fates. I titled it “Beyond” because that’s all they’re hoping for – getting beyond where they are. ”



Jenifer Thoem 300 Noses

ARTIST: Jenifer Thoem
TITLE: 300 Noses
SIZE: Varies
PRICE: $3,500.00

“I was a figurative sculptor for 20 years. I was cleaning out my studio and I had all of these body parts that I didn’t know what to do with. I started looking at the parts as isolated objects and then I thought “everyone has a nose.” And most people have a strong opinion about their nose – usually negative. I’m a mom – I’ve spent a lot of time with noses. So then I thought about just doing a piece with noses. I hand sculpt the nose, fire it , paint it black and then remove the glaze so black only remains in the crevices, and then paint the red dot and glaze and fire it again. Then I insert a steel pin in the back of it so it can be mounted on a wall. I paint red dots on the tips of all of the noses so they will be visually engaging when mounted on a wall. Later, I learned that there is a psychological test used to measure self awareness in young children called the Rouge Test. What they do is put a red dot of rouge on a child’s nose and then place them in front of a mirror and time how long it takes for them to recognize themselves! I can make 70 noses in 1 day. To make a piece this size takes me 2 weeks from start to finish. This includes 2 hours to lay it out on the wall and then 8 hours to mount them on the wall.”



Jonathan Milton Yellow Ginkgo Freestanding Mobil

ARTIST:  Jonathan Milton
TITLE:  Yellow Lotus Freestanding Floor Mobile
MEDIUM:  Aluminum & Copper Wire
SIZE:   4 ft X 4 ft X 4 ft
PRICE:  $1,800.00

“Since this is a large free standing piece, I had to focus on aesthetics and balance at the same time. I had to think about how the moving, ever changing piece would fill a contained space. It had to be sturdy enough to stand on it’s own yet light enough to react to the slightest breeze of a passer-by. It’s all about 3 dimensional balance.”



Ed Kidera Airship

ARTIST:  Ed Kidera
TITLE: Airship
MEDIUM: Brass, Steel & Copper
SIZE: 30 in. x 20 in.
PRICE: $3,500.00

“I’m a retired engineer and professor. I love history and machines and the beauty of the materials that were used to construct them both. This              piece started off with an old fire extinguisher. I then attached 50 Caliper bullets to it. I added a fan for a tail rotor, a brass finial, fins, and a cargo basket all fashioned out of random pieces I have collected. I designed the piece to be whimsical yet intellectually stimulating.  Preserving the past while creating something new and original.”



Kimberly Wilcox-Journey

ARTIST: Kimberly Wilcox
TITLE: Journey
MEDIUM: Clay, Reclaimed Materials, Buffalo Horn
SIZE: 44 in X 17 in X 36″
PRICE: $9,000.00

“I was originally a sculptural jewelry designer that moved into making 3 dimensional art. This piece was made for a show at the Jacksonville Airport so show guidelines dictated the size and theme of the piece. I love blending re-claimed materials together to form a visually cohesive and intellectually stimulating sculpture. My challenge was in using disparate objects and arranging them within the given theme of transportation. I strove to create a seamless transition of textures, colors and shapes while giving it a whimsical, fantastical feel of movement. ”



Nathan Favors-Manzanita Bowl

ARTIST: Nathan Favors
TITLE: Manzanita Bowl
MEDIUM: Manzanita Wood
SIZE: 16 in X 16 in
PRICE: $1250.00

I start out with a piece of wood, study the shape, form and grain. Each piece of wood has to be air dried- the time it takes to dry tightens the grain and gives the wood its’ strength. Then I turn it by hand on a lathe to round it out. I like to retain as much of the natural edge as I can but each piece is different. Then I sanded it with different grades of sand paper to get it smooth. These large bowls take a lot of muscle. Finally I finished it with 6 coats of oil. All together it takes 13 different steps to make a bowl.



Lisa Freeman Tiny House Lisa Freeman Tiny House Back

ARTIST: Lisa Freeman
TITLE: Tiny House
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
SIZE: 10in. X 10in. X 10in.
PRICE: $250.00

“I started off my career as a painter. I have always been drawn to discarded and found objects and the mystery behind old photographs. To indulge this curiosity I got into 3 dimensional assemblages. This is one of my smaller pieces. I stated off with the old photographs of the children. Then I tried to imagine the setting that they may have been in when their picture was taken. I have a friend who makes picture frames and he gives me all of his wood scraps to build the structure. Then, using found objects, I create the environment. Whenever I use a marble in one of my pieces, I always out a word underneath it where it can be read through the glass of the marble. It’s like a secret message from me to you. In this piece I also drew birds on the backs of each child symbolic of a child’s desire to spread their wings and fly away from their ramshackle environment to somewhere better.”



Kimmy Cantrell-Enigma Sculpture

ARTIST: Kimmy Cantrell
TITLE: Enigma
SIZE: 16 in X 11 in
PRICE: $1,800.00

“I like the human face – I feel the lines and imperfections relay a story beneath them. I started this piece with a sketch and a 25 lb block of clay. I rolled the clay out then molded it by hand; adding and cutting out pieces as I go. Then I  inserted the nails for the hair and proceeded to glaze and fire and glaze and fire for about 2 weeks.”