The Arts

Arts Department: Sondra Moore, Director

Sondra is a classically trained fine artist and anthropologist with a strong background in business and community service. Sondra has a deep interest in all areas of the arts. She has produced ink drawings for national newspaper and magazine publications and provided commissioned art work for private clientele and military contracts. Sondra also ran an architectural woodworking shop providing high end custom work for residential and commercial contracts.

The Arts speak through the global language of color and light, geometry, movement, sound and rhythm. The creation of contemporary and dynamic sacred spaces by this group of artists produce activities designed to uplift and contribute to the collective transformation of humanity.


The Artists’ Attic Showcase and Marketplace
Showcase or sell your art here.

The power of art is that it springs from the soul and can capture and often illuminate a universal truth about life.  The arts can bring people together and is a field of rich entertainment, participation, collaboration and study for those interested in all its myriad facets.The Artist’s Attic showcases the artist’s inspirational story behind her/his work as well as the art itself.  We support artists in all categories of creativity be it poetry, music, pottery, fine art, photography, sculpture, etc.. We discover and share their intriguing stories behind the art, display the art, and if the art is for sale, even connect the purchaser with the artist. To learn more about this program, how artists can participate, and view art examples in the Artists’ Attic, Click Here.

The artist keeps all copyrights unless given to the purchaser. If the artist is selling her/his work, we’ll also include the price. If someone is interested in purchasing a piece of art, the purchaser will contact the IFGT at: and we will put the purchaser and artist in contact with one another directly.  All purchases will be made directly with the artist.

Learn how you can participate in the Artists’ Attic and Marketplace: Click Here

The Artists’ Attic Program gives artists the ability to:

  • tell their stories about the inspiration that motivated their work
  • share the process they use to connect with their higher consciousness which ignites their inspiration
  • discuss how they implement or bring into the physical world that higher consciousness of inspiration
  • exposure their art to the world
  • sell their work
  • cultivate art appreciation

A quote from Jean Vanier and her book, Community and Growth, sets an important tone for our arts program:

One of the signs of life in a community is the creation of links with others.  An inward-looking community will die of suffocation.  Living communities are linked to others, making up a huge reservoir of love for the world. It is a sign of maturity for a  community to bind itself in friendship with others; it knows its own destiny, so doesn’t need to make comparisons.  It loves even the differences which distinguish it, because each community has its own gifts which must flourish.  These communities are complimentary; they need each other.” ~ Jean Vanier ~

The Arts Community

Sondra Moore creates Art Centers

Sondra is also creating a Model for sustainable community art cooperatives. Are you an artist living in a rural area? Do you feel frustration and isolation? I did, but then I began a real effort to seek out other artists in the area and I found many local artists who are deeply rooted in their communities, yet share the same frustrations as myself. 

This should not be so. While rural communities may not have the working capital nor the availability of part time employment to support a vibrant arts and crafts community, they do possess an abundance of other resources that are equally necessary. As small towns loose younger citizens to better economic prospects in metropolitan areas, and businesses leave to relocate to major shipping arteries with more modern facilities, two things are left behind: vacant buildings and an expanding community base of older citizens who beg for local events. Resources move out and small towns fall into apathy, mismanagement and disrepair with falling property values. But an abundance of affordable space and a captive audience are two essential components needed to support a local arts group. 

Arts groups do flourish in abundance within small cities and college towns but this never extends into the rural communities. Traditionally, local arts groups have survived on the good graces of private benefactors or their local governments. This places the group in a tenuous existence and sometimes at the mercy of local politics. 

The IFGT Arts Cooperative (AC) Program and Model 

Art Communities changing the worldThe prototype for this Model is being created in Winder, Georgia, USA. It will bring together local artists and craftsmen. The IFGT is creating a platform for multi-discipline artists while also helping to generate operational revenue to achieve collective sustainability.

The Model will engage the local community in arts and crafts. We hope to assist local artists and craftsmen in becoming a welcomed and integral community resource within their community while also fulfilling the community’s needs.

A goal is to help the local art community become a resource for their local townspeople while also instructing them on how they can operate independently while being deeply integrated into the local community.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas on the creation and operation of Rural Arts Groups. I would love to hear your experiences, thoughts and ideas. Or, if you would like to participate in our Arts Department community in some way, please let me know by contacting me Here, ~Sondra Moore.