Now or Never

Now or Never, A time-traveler’s guide to personal and global transformation

by Will Wilkinson

Now or Never by Will WilkensonExcerpt from Now or Never:  “What are we destined to become and when? Is there a viable option beyond becoming just another failed species? Most intriguingly, could transformation be experienced simultaneously by strangers thousands of miles from each other, not bound together in a common cause but each following their own heartbreak and offering their own unique contributions?” – from Now or Never, by Will Wilkinson

“Will Wilkinson calls his book Now or Never because, unlike the popular majority of our modern spiritual teachers, he is unafraid to address the tremendously painful and challenging evolutionary crisis we find ourselves in and to chart a bold course of action. However, he also understands that there can be no relief from debilitating fear, despair, and heartbreak without reaching deep within our most visionary selves. Will illuminates, in poetic and inspiring fashion, just how transformed our lives may become when we act from passion and compassion to bring about the depth of radical transformation we long for, personally and globally.”  ~Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope

“Will Wilkinson gives us an awesome collection of practices, clues, and suggestions, offering wisdom at every turn.” – Neale Donald Walsch, author Conversations with God

  • Hope for everyone who longs to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Guidance for spiritual seekers ready to graduate beyond meditation to become sacred activists.
  • Inspiration for activists grown weary of failed protests who are ready to integrate spiritual wisdom with compassionate action.
  • Innovative processes and techniques for traversing “deep time” with imaginative skills for healing the past and creating the future.
  • A blueprint for navigating crises and turning random events into a coherent road-map for personal and global transformation.

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Additional Recommendations:

“In Now or Never, Will Wilkinson has forged a radical toolkit for reconnecting with the sacred self, Earth, and all living beings. The journey is terrifying, beautiful, and oh so worth the effort, and this book is required reading for making it.” – Carolyn Baker, author Collapsing Consciously

 “Now or Never provides guideposts for the courageous reader willing to walk a path lined with the twin sides of the “crisis” coin: danger and opportunity.” – Guy R. McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Conservation Biology, University of Arizona