Carolyn Mulkerrin

Meet Carolyn Mulkerrin, IFGT Treasurer, Board of Directors, Lecturer, and Writer

cj-4-282x300Carolyn lectures on Universal Laws and Principles at various venues in Denver, Colorado and throughout the USA. She teaches the Life and the Law of Equilibrium class.

Carolyn has been a student of several mystery school traditions throughout her life. She has studied Universal Laws and how they relate to consciousness. In addition, she is a successful businesswoman. This enables her to give a balanced approach to teaching Universal Laws, and how to apply them in your everyday life. In The Secret, you were introduced to part of the process for creating a more successful, happy, healthy, and prosperous life. This class will assist you in unraveling The Secret’s deeper meanings and support you in putting an end to living in polarized states of consciousness that may be holding you back from the life you want to live.

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