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Sarah Kennedy Show You Whos Boss

ARTIST: Sarah Kennedy
TITLE: Show You Who’s Boss
MEDIUM: Archival injet print with foil
SIZE: 15 in. X 12 in.PRICE: $100.00

“I love going through old family photos and forming this intimate relationship with people I’ve never had the chance to meet. The bottom picture in this piece is a old photo of my aunt Mary in kind of a candid, goofy shot. I juxtaposed the photo with an image that I found out of an illustration in an old children’s first aide handbook to create a visual tension between a full color photo and a black and white line drawing. I like to challenge the viewers and allow them to create their own relationships with the images when they view my work. I have always loved using found objects and when I found the used lottery ticket in the road,I thought it would make a perfect transition between Aunt Mary and the image of the child. I think it adds interest, the colors immediately catch the eye and draw it closer. The ticket also represents fleeting hope and  lasting disappointment.”