Distant Service Council

Distant Service Council

Lightworkers Service Council
Kristie Knutson, Chair

 Kristie KnutsonThe Distant Service Council is intrinsically concerned with the balance, health, and harmony of the whole person, as well as the whole of humanity. When new and constructive ideas on physical, emotional, and mental health and healing are united to form a more comprehensive whole, the possibilities of unlimited health, happiness, and well-being will become the norm.

The Meditation and Prayer Distant Service Council is a free service of the IFGT. The Council consists of over 100 individuals who meditate or pray on your behalf. To find out how this council operates or to request assistance, Click on the following links.

Everything is Energy

Transformational Conversations

Ancient wisdom asserts that everything that exists is energy that consists of different rates of vibrations and that all energy emanates from a common source. Today’s science acknowledges this as fact and states that everything has its own rate of vibration, which in turn creates a polarity. Polarity is a tension, power, or relationship that exists between any two rates of vibration. No matter how similar two rates of vibration might be, one of the two will always have a predominantly positive charge, while the other will have a predominantly negative charge. This difference causes a magnetic field or a polarity to be created between the two rates of energy.

When, because of life’s circumstances, broad imbalances occur, balance needs to be re-established with Universal Energy. Distant balancing or harmonization can be used to change the rate of vibration and therefore polarity, in order to re-establish harmonium. To be in harmony with Universal Energy is to be healthy, happy, and full of life energy. Re-establishing balance, and therefore harmony, is the purpose of the Distant Service Council.

Balancing can be accomplished in three ways; through traditional medicine or surgery, through the use of psychiatry or psychology, and through the activities of the soul. Where Distant meditation or prayer is used for health reasons, it is important to keep in mind that it is not intended to replace medical treatment; rather it is a compliment to that treatment.

Watch as Dr. Oschmon explains how healing energy works:

How-healing-energy-works  by Dr. Oschmon

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GlobalHow does the Meditation –  Prayer Distant Service Council Work?

The Council is a global network of individuals engaged in meditation and/or prayer on behalf of those who have sent a request. It is a FREE service of the IFGT. Energy balancing can be directed to one’s self, to others, animals and plants, and to the planet itself. This kind of service work can be conducted in person or from a distance.

Council members approach this service in their own way, however they choose to work. Council members’ efforts align and harmonize with the work of all the other healing and assistance circles that exist across the globe, i.e., through the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Silent Unity, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Rosicrucians, churches. etc..  As the circle of shared consciousness grows, it has the power to help uplift and heal humanity and the planet.

Please know that placing your request on the Distant Service Council’s list, or participating in the Council, will not add you to any mailing list, nor will it be used in any other way than for the Council’s work.

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How to Making a request for Assistance

E-mail your request by Clicking Here. When sending requests for assistance, you may offer as much or as little information about your request as you wish. Some participants on the Council have said that knowing a geographic location, such as the city or country, helps to focus their work. Or if you like, you need only define the category for which you are requesting aid, i.e., health, emotional healing, domestic, career, economic issues, etc. Please include the full name of the person requesting assistance. Membership in the IFGT is not required in order to request assistance for yourself or others.

Always feel free to request aid for yourself, a loved one, a situation, an animal, or any person in need, as many times as you wish. As you place your request, it is helpful to hold in mind what we know to be true: the very thought of requesting prayer, healing or metaphysical aid immediately connects us in consciousness with each other and with the Divine, and the harmonizing, balancing energy flows.

While they are not necessary, updates are always welcome.  From the responses we’ve received over the years, from those who have received this aid, we know that the Council’s work has great impact and meaning in people’s lives.

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Invitation to participate on the Meditation and Prayer Distant Service Council

Membership in the IFGT, which is free, is required to become a member of the Council. We have a single purpose for requesting this: your act of establishing membership helps form an alignment or bond with all those on the Council. Because of the nature and purpose of the IFGT, this alignment links our hearts and minds not just with other IFGT members, but with all people and organizations across the planet who are committed to help create a globally shared consciousness, and to the upliftment of humanity.

As a benefit of membership in the IFGT, you will also receive our weekly Global Transformation Minute via email once a week, along with an occasional e-mails notifying you of upcoming activities and events. Becoming a member or participating in the Council will not add you to any other mailing list, nor will your email be sold, shared, or used in any other fashion.

When completing the membership form, be sure to indicate you want to become a member of the Meditation and Prayer Distant Service Council. This will add your name and email address to the Council’s list and you will then begin to receive requests for assistance as they are received.

Join the IFGTTo join with others of like-mind, just click on the Join IFGT button and fill in the invitation form.


If you have questions regarding the work of the Council, you may contact me by Clicking Here.

With warmest regards,
Kristie Knutson
Distant Service Council Chair

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