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Alexander Lehr, Program Director

Find Me! Teach Me! WorkshopsIt took me many years to get past my own internal blocks. To find new ways on my own to not let shyness, physical ailments, language barriers and past, negative experiences limit me. It was hard, doing it by myself. That’s why, I’m creating some new, insightful Performance Workshops for young people who’ve had challenges. Physical, emotional or mental abuse. Medical issues. Abandonment. Lack of Love.

A community-based group called “Arch West” began bringing a busload of lightly retarded young men over to my theater every week. A wonderful, professional member of my staff, Mrs. C. Brian, taught Acting, Voice and Movement to these socially challenged gentlemen. After a few months of intense training, we saw significant improvements with some of their social and verbal skills, posture and confidence. We weren’t trying to make them actors. We were simply trying to show them new and more positive ways of dealing with Life.

We had classes for children and plays with cast members (all the parts!) who had various physical and mental disabilities. We also had an art gallery within the building that featured artwork from the Exceptional Children’s Program (another community-outreach organization catering to individuals with various disabilities). I’m proud of what we did there. I want to be just as proud with this new outreach. With your support, we’ll make you proud!

Mission Statement and Goals
This program will help the participants with personal self-esteem issues and also allow them to more easily adapt to new and sometimes difficult situations in their lives.

        • To actively look for individual young men, women and children who have physical, mental, social or financial challenges.
        • To help them cope with those challenges by providing a specialized series of entertainment-oriented workshops. By teaching these very needy young people new creative skills with which they can view their lives in more positive, more productive ways.
        • To empower them to feel stronger, less fearful and to never give up on hoping for better tomorrows. However seemingly impossible, we would like to bring some smiles and add a little joy to who and what they are. We Care!