Dr. Maryann Miller Interview

Interview with Roundtable member, Dr. Maryann Miller

Interviewed by Pamela Jaye Smith

Our Roundtable of Speakers

RoundtablePamela: Maryann, how did you decide to create a Roundtable team to focus on transforming consciousness?

Maryann – It seemed essential to create a team of transformational visionary leaders and speakers who are concerned with how consciousness affects each of us on a global scale. Our speakers are knowledgeable in several different areas of focus and have very diverse backgrounds.

They provide a much needed larger view of how each of us can apply discoveries in consciousness in our everyday lives and professions. Our Roundtable team has a wide range of interests and talents, from self-empowerment techniques to science and engineering, to the arts, education, medicine, and philosophy.

Through their lectures, articles and books, we learn how we can take the exploration of consciousness into many different fields of endeavor and how we can apply our discoveries to improve our personal and professional lives.

Pamela: Tell me about the tag line, One World, Aligned Actions, Infinite Possibilities.

Maryann– Our tag line: One World – Aligned Actions – Infinite Possibilities is a way for us to say a lot of things with very few words. Most of us have the same thoughts on what those words mean. They speak to us of unity, and the possibility of building a world where we all work together, in our various diverse ways, to help heal the planet and uplift consciousness. They speak to the power and impact we can have as an aligned group of like-minded individuals working to make the world a better place for all. Aligned actions are very powerful and if we have a focused purpose and use that focused purpose with aligned actions, the possibilities truly do become infinite. That’s one of the IFGT’s goals. Our Roundtable team has aligned their thoughts and actions so that we can find the infinite possibilities that await us in doing our part in building a better world.

Pamela: This team is very different from most isn’t it?

Maryann– Oh yes; we’re building new models aren’t we? When some of these leaders came together for a Roundtable Conference, they brought their vast knowledge and critical thinking to create one of the most diverse conferences ever held on the ways higher consciousness can be utilized to solve some of the world’s most demanding challenges.

Measuring Success: Our success is not measured by an end product. Our success is measured by our willingness to come together, to embark upon the unknown and stand together while we figure out how to utilize higher consciousness to uplift, transform, and create a sense of community, connectedness and possibility.

How many world leaders of change do you know that are willing to take the time to come together, share their knowledge and work to help solve critical global issues, and we’re talking about people who have schedules that are so busy they don’t even have time for lunch at times, and yet, they are willing to take time from their busy schedules to come together to offer their expertise in whatever way necessary? These are the individuals who make up our Roundtable team.

Pamela: It seems like their main purpose is about raising consciousness in some way.

Maryann– Right! Their goal is to advance consciousness in all areas of life. This is a pivotal time in the history of humanity and our planet; an expansion of consciousness is happening on a global scale. There is a powerful awareness of the planetary concerns that confront us; there is recognition of the importance of relationships, the need to help others develop their unique talents, volunteerism for good causes, equality for women and men in all areas of life, the consequence of ethics in big business and the all-important new definition of success. This is the new consciousness of over 200,000,000 people in the world today.

We want to link these individuals, groups, and organizations so they can help implement the necessary changes needed to accomplish global transformation. Together, this web of individuals will accomplish great things and in doing so, this web will become a global web, linking together individuals who are like-minded, who, through their very diverse systems, avocations and vocations, work to raise consciousness in their particular way. If that happens, if we can accomplish that, The Institute for Global Transformation® has succeeded in its purpose.

Roundtable Activities Include:

1. Discussion and implementation of ideas and ways we can work together to uplift consciousness and heal the planet.
2. Presentation of ways we can begin to utilize advanced thinking processes in practical ways: in business, the sciences, public policy and services, the arts, medicine, and in our everyday lives.
3. Connecting members so they can create projects, services, and products that transform consciousness and aid the planet.
4. Media: using film, the internet, and the printed word, the IFGT produces various media products that inform, illustrate, and inspire.

Support and Respect for the Emerging Global Consciousness

It is very clear  that the world is experiencing critical, yet essential shifts in consciousness and the Roundtable team continues to work together to find and support ways of leveraging our connectedness in order to further support this emergence. We encourage people to think differently, to reach outside themselves, to interact in new ways that will move humanity toward higher standards in all areas of life, and a more all-encompassing respect for the beauty of our diversity.

One World, Aligned Actions, Infinite Possibilities