Eternal Reality

The Secret Of Eternal Reality by Dr. Michael Mason

Dr. Michael MasonWe say that when we are in the dream world, we are just imagining what we are experiencing in our dreams. It’s not real we feel, because we always wake up and then we realize it was just a dream. But is it really just a dream? Or did we enter an alternate reality?

To paraphrase Chuang-Tzu, an ancient Taoist, “When I wake up from a dream of being a butterfly, how do I know I’m not a butterfly dreaming of being human?”

Notice that in the so-called imaginary dream world, the laws of the physical universe do not apply. You can fly. You can breathe underwater. You can walk through fire without feeling the heat. You can become and do anything that you can imagine, without limits. How do we know that is not the ultimate eternal reality? Because we always wake up?

What about daydreams? Right now while fully conscious you can also imagine anything, only limited by your imagination. Often, we read words that take us on a journey of the mind. It can be any journey that the imagination of a writer wants to take us, whether fiction or non-fiction. I recently read a book about Silicon Valley. It took me on a fascinating journey to the experiences of the scientists and engineers who created amazing technologies that transformed society and that we all benefit from every day. Every technology, from the invention of the wheel to the most sophisticated spacecraft, began in the minds, the imagination, of a person before it became manifest in physical reality.

Tree of LifeKaballah, the mystical teachings of Judaism teaches that the universe is only .001% physical. The other 99.99% is metaphysical. Yet how many people even know the meaning of the word metaphysical?

The truth is that our super-conscious is mostly dormant, asleep, dreaming this physical lifetime experience. Or, maybe, it’s having experiences that we simply aren’t consciously aware of while we temporarily occupy a human body in this physical dimension.

The fact of our eternal reality can only be realized (made real); it cannot be analyzed or be proven analytically. Whenever I get stuck in analysis paralysis, which is just an unending logic loop that goes nowhere but in circles, I like to remind myself that when I realize, I’m real, when I analyze I’m anal.

Learning the secret of eternal reality frees us from fear of death. We become aware that our physical body is just a tool our soul uses for a particular lifetime. When we leave it, we wake up in the true world of infinite possibilities that aren’t limited, even by the illusion of time. Everything is instantaneous. You create at the speed of thought. Just think of something and there it is. You can do the same thing with your thoughts any time even while in the physical body. But when you’re conscious, those imaginings don’t feel as real as they do when we dream and when we are no longer in physical human form.

We call being no longer in physical human form, dead. But the truth is that we are more alive than when in the physical form because we return to ultimate reality where there is no separation. We are more aware of our connection with the All. When we temporarily leave the dimension of ultimate reality we create a misperception of separation. This misperception is the seed cause of man’s inhumanity to man. If we are to ever overcome man’s inhumanity to man, we must learn to overcome this misperception of separation. This is the key to transforming and improving our human experience.

In the Bible, it says God created us in his image and likeness. Most people are unaware that the book of genesis describes two creations. One is metaphysical, the other is physical. The physical is temporary, the metaphysical is eternal. The great metaphysical teaching called A Course In Miracles begins with the profound statement: “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, Nothing Unreal Exists.

Like anything worth having or doing in life, it takes practice to put this wisdom to work. It takes physical, emotional and mental effort to constantly remind ourselves about the secret of ultimate reality. The physical world we live in seems so real. We made it that way. Our normal brains are designed to interpret and perceive all the inputs of our physical detection senses, eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, and react accordingly. To perceive eternal reality, we must develop our metaphysical detection sense called our Infinite Heart. The best way to do that is by quieting our analytical thoughts through meditation.

Scientists have been discovering and delineating the physical laws of the universe. We have the law of gravity. We have the laws of thermodynamics among which is the law of the conservation of energy. This says that nothing can be destroyed. It just changes form, or transforms. This is true for the animating energy of our physical bodies called our soul, which continues to live in a different form after our body dies. Our soul is that ultimate eternal reality that is referred to in the above quote that nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. This means that nothing truly real exists if it’s only temporary.

So… what are the metaphysical laws of the universe? One important law is that nothing real can be threatened, or destroyed, and nothing unreal exists. This is why true metaphysical teachings, like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Kabbalah, all teach that the physical world is just Maya, or illusion. It’s much like the movie The Matrix. The matrix is analogous to Maya, the temporary physical world we occupy and believe is real.

This is as it should be in order to take our lives and experiences seriously. But it’s just a perception. All Is Prception, is one of the three axioms of Oneness Perception Training® (OPT) The other two axioms are: All Is One, and All Is Energy. These are also laws of metaphysics.

The relatively recent science of quantum physics is proving, scientifically, many of these laws of metaphysics. For example, it has proven the law that All Is Perception with the experiments into the nature of light. They discovered that light is either a wave or a particle depending on perception. Until light is perceived it’s both particle and wave at the same time!

The first step to overcoming our misperception of separation categorizing consciousnessis to understand the divine dichotomy. The concept of the divine dichotomy was first coined and explained by author Neale Donald Walsh in his book Conversations With God.  The particle/wave aspect of light is a classic example of a divine dichotomy. Our analytical human brains tend to categorize everything. It wants to perceive and label everything as either one or another. This is called duality perception. We are the observer, or perceiver, of everything that we perceive. Everything that we perceive is external to us, outside of us, separate from us. So there is this duality of the observer, me, and the observed, everything that is not me.

Understanding the divine dichotomy helps us begin to overcome this misperception of separation. It helps us accept that two seemingly opposite things can be the same thing at the same time, depending on our perception. A classic example of this is the old lady – young lady image:

Young woman or Old woman?Is this an image of a young lady, or an old lady? The truth is that it is both, depending on how we look at it, how we perceive it.

The OPT axiom all is one, is probably the most important divine dichotomy. Yes, we are all separate individual human beings and at the same time, from the perspective of ultimate reality, we are one humanity. The fact that we are one humanity is a fairly easy categorization to accept. But beyond that, it becomes harder to eliminate even that category when we say we are one also One with All, not just with other humans.

The second OPT axiom, All is energy, helps with this. All is energy is more than an axiom of OPT. It is proven scientific fact. All is one, is a primary law of the universe that transcends and overlaps the physical laws and the metaphysical laws of the universe. Until recently this law was only known by mystics. Before the advent of quantum physics and its profound discoveries, we had no scientific proof that all is one

We are unbelievably fortunate to live during a time of human understanding where this is a scientifically undisputed fact.

Some people might say, “So what? All this is an interesting philosophical discussion, but how does knowing this impact my daily life? I need to work for a living to make money to buy food and clothes and have a roof over my head etc. etc.”

The answer to this is that when we act and think according to the secret of ultimate reality, instead of against it, every single aspect of our lives is better. When we perceive everything and everyone as part of us, we are happier, healthier, more productive, more loving, more prosperous, less fearful and we never play the victim.

ONENESS, the INFINITE HEARTBegin training your perception to know that everything and everyone, including all other life forms and the environment is another part of you. If you respect and honor yourself and treat yourself well, then you’ll do the same for everyone and everything. You will thereby contribute to the elevation of human consciousness from the misperception of separation to the accurate perception of Oneness and thereby expedite Our Next Evolution (O.N.E.)


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