Global Joy Meditation – May 6, 2018

The Global Joy Meditation

May 6, 2018
12 P.M.  Eastern and  9 A.M. Pacific:
USA and 5 P.M. British

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The Institute For Global Transformation® and The Joy Keepers Network are teaming up to bring you an inspiring global meditation for joy.

What is joy? Rather than a fleeting experience of happiness, Joy is an energy and a fundamental state of consciousness – as fundamental as love, wisdom, peace and creativity. In Dalai Lama’s words, joy is the very purpose of our life!

Halina Goldstein Joy KeepersOn May 6th Halina Goldstein will guide us through a short version of the Global Joy Meditations offered by the Joy Keepers Network.

The meditation is a way for each of us to connect with joy energy and then share it with each other, our surroundings and eventually the planet as a whole.

Click Here to participate in this global meditation and be sure to put “Meditation” in the message box.

About the Joy Keepers Network

JoyKeepers Network The Joy Keepers Network is a global forum dedicated to bringing more joy to our world. We recognize JOY as one of the most fundamental and powerful states and energies available to every human being and it connects us all as One.

We are here to support peaceful transformations and creative solutions to the current political, social, and environmental challenges. We know that in order to meet the massive difficulties faced by humanity and our planet we must join our joyful forces!

The Joy Keepers Network offers educational and transformational resources, collaborations through Joy Ventures, Global Joy Meditations and more.

Learn more about us and join us at

Click Here to participate in this FREE Global Meditation. Please put “Meditation” in the message box.

About Halina Goldstein: Halina is a spiritual mentor, teacher, speaker and writer and the founder of the Joy Keepers Network as well as Awakening to Joyful Living. She lives in Denmark and works globally.

In our troubled world there is a tremendous need for a joyful, peaceful, balancing presence from as many people as possible. Halina is dedicated to helping spiritual seekers align with their purpose, open to joy and freedom in every area of their life, and shine their light as fully as possible.

Her work is based on the experience, insights, tools, energy and intuition that she developed along her 40+ years of spiritual exploration and practice. A practice where daily meditation has been one of the cornerstones.

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