Guaranteeing Success

Guaranteeing Your Success

By Dr. Maryann Miller

5 Steps to SuccessDo you wonder why the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work? You’re not alone. When setting your goals there is a way to guarantee your success. So let’s break it down into the five steps that are necessary to succeed.

Connect With Your Inner Guidance System

The first step in reaching any goal is to connect with your inner-guidance system. We each have one; it’s called your Higher-Self. You’re always connected; you’re just not always aware of it. The difference between individuals who are successful in reaching their goals and those who aren’t has to do with the focus and strength of their connection with their Higher-Self. Some are only using dial-up while others are using fiber optics which relay clear, focused, messages with lightning speed.

Success Lies in Clearly Identifying Your Intention

The second step is to clearly and unmistakably identify your intention or goal. There is a basic principle in neuroscience that states “neurons that fire together wire together.” So what do neurons have to do with successfully reaching your goal? Let’s say that someone asks if you remember a particular high school classmate. Your answer, “Not really.” Then your friend gives you a couple of details about the classmate. You then begin to remember, adding to the details yourself. You begin to remember the time you attended a play together, when you attended a football game, and… More and more neurons are beginning to fire together and then, all of a sudden your connection with the classmate come together, in a clear and focused picture. This is how you want your neurons to fire when you’re setting your intention. You want your intention to be vibrant, intensely focused and real.

Identify Your Scarcity or Inadequacy Mindset

fearful thoughtsIt’s important to create a mindset of abundance and capability. Begin by identifying anything that may be blocking your success. Ask yourself:

  1. What ideas about abundance and success am I holding in my subconscious mind?
  2. Do I resist the changes in my life that are necessary to succeed?
  3. Do I have the necessary skills and, if not, am I willing to learn them?

Release Steps

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, it’s tremendously important to release your visualization knowing that it is so. It’s now time to move into your intention with excitement and joy. If actualizing your intention is beyond your comfort zone it may require a leap of faith on your part. Begin by living your life as if you have already achieved your intention – Act As If. Not living your intention is like writing a letter but never putting it into the mailbox to be sent to its destination.

Success Requires Action

The next step is to take the actions that are in alignment with you intention. Stay receptive to your Higher-Self and determine what steps you need to take. Write them down sequentially so you don’t feel overwhelmed and then set a reasonable time-frame to complete each one. It’s also very important to listen to the wisdom coming to you from your Higher-Self to help guide you in the right actions to take.

Coming Full Circle

To assure success, it’s imperative to stay connected to your Higher-Self. When you attune your intention with Higher Mind, a connection is established with the consciousness of a greater whole that causes a shift to occur within your consciousness. Through this attunement, individuals focused on accomplishing particular goals or tasks become attuned with harmonic frequencies of higher consciousness and become receptive to knowledge, information and wisdom associated with their particular goal. The stronger and more frequent your conscious connection with higher consciousness, the greater the synergy and transformative power of the energies realized. This connection produces new and creative ways of thinking, acting, seeing, feeling and doing, and that which is needed is magnetically drawn into your sphere of influence, thereby assuring your success.

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