How Can I Trust My Intuition?

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QUESTION  on Intuition from LaVerne: I am somewhat intuitive. But sometimes the messages that come to me through my intuition are not necessarily accurate. How do I know which ones to trust?

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Dr. Maryann: Intuition is part of the illumination we are seeking on this planet. It’s a case of trial and error. The more we practice and improve that connection, the better the result. A simple analogy would be a batter in a baseball game. If s/he never attempted to go to bat, s/he would never strike out. Sure, you never would strike out but you’d never get a hit let alone a home run. This is a pragmatic planet, meaning that we are here to improve by doing. You may strike out, but slowly and surely, you’ll do better and soon be able to hit that long sought-after home run.

Not everything we think is intuition is based in the cosmic realm. Sometimes it’s just a chain-reaction of thoughts being held within your own subconscious.

For example: Say you’re a novice photographer who has just learned about the light spectrum consisting of red, blue and green. But now you’ve also decided to take an art class and are learning about primary pigment colors. The teacher holds up a red and a blue piece of paper and asks what color is missing?

You know that in photography, the three primary colors are Red, Blue and Green. Not having any knowledge about the pigment colors, Green immediately comes into your mind. But is this your intuition giving you the answer or is it a chain reaction of thoughts held within your own subconscious?

You decide it feels right so you call out GREEN! But when the teacher responds that the correct answer is yellow, you now begin to mistrust your intuition. In this example, there was a chain-reaction from a past experience that interfered and blocked the clarity and purity of an answer coming from your Higher-Self – your eternal, authentic self.

When following your intuition, at first you may only be able to correctly receive the messages or answers occasionally. However, as you practice and progress, the percentage of accuracy will increase day by day. Areas of your personality that might affect your inner-voice, such as ideas and opinions not necessarily based in fact, any type of prejudice both for and against, etc. will be calmly placed aside and you’ll be able to receive messages by way of your intuition loud and clear.

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