Humanity’s Relationships

Right Human Relationships

with Michelle Shaw and Therese Antony

It is unsettling to be continuously confronted with the hostility, divisiveness, and chaos that has become so much a part of recent public discourse. When we are able to enlarge our perspective and look beyond the individuals and events, though, we can see how this upheaval serves a larger purpose for our evolving collective consciousness. The deeper struggle of humanity in establishing right relationship is at the foundation of much of the turmoil.

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What is currently playing out on the American political stage is not unique to just the US. There is a struggle that is playing out globally and is manifesting through Nationalist movements the world over. The UK had Brexit, Hungary has the Jobbik Party, and France has the Front National. On a deep, collective, and spiritual level, humanity is struggling to establish right relationship and come to terms with living more inclusively and collectively.

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Issues of national identity, immigration, religious traditions, financial resources, boundaries and borders have replaced patriotism in evolution. Fear of change triggers antipathy and those who feel that their way of life is threatened fight to hold on to old nationalist ways of living and relating. They reject inclusiveness and those who are perceived as bringing about the change. In truth, this is really about the struggle of the Soul (of Humanity), to transform the Personality (of Humanity). It is utterly necessary for these personality shadow elements to be brought to the surface and awareness as it is only through their transformation that lie the seeds of our future can be sown.

The gem lies in that individual and group shadow elements can only be transformed when we are aware of them. Only when the shadow is exposed to the clear cold light of consciousness can it be transformed into a higher vibration. So, while these times are unsettling, dark, and uncomfortable, they offer a promise of a new consciousness on the horizon. Shadow transformation, however, must occur for the promise to be realized.

right human relationshipThere is only one clear path to peace and harmony. That path is paved in common-sense and balance found through right human relations. The truth is that no-one can find true peace, sharing, compassion, and love until we all find it. No-one can be left behind. In this we find our glorious future.