Infinite Possibility

INFINITE POSSIBILITY, How To Use The Ideas Of Neville Goddard To Create The Life You Want

Infinite Possibility by Katherine JegedeThat which you do not claim as true of yourself cannot be realized by you. ~Neville Goddard

Katherine Jegede, a bright, bold, powerful new voice on the metaphysical scene, has penned an immensely practical, hands-on journey through the publications and lectures of Neville Goddard, a man she claims is the most radical mystical figure of the last century, a “prophet” who popularized the astonishing concept that your mind is God. She writes that “According to Neville, there is only one power in the universe out of which all things emanate. Not a ‘good’ source and a separate ‘evil’ one, but one universal source bending in obedience to the creative will of men and women everywhere.” Kate adds that “The how remains a mystery; but this eternal fact is nonetheless true. As soon as I was able to feel and accept this to be true, I was free.”

Katherine Jegede
Katherine Jegede

Jegede says that this is neither a run-of-the-mill modern self-help book nor an attempt to make the world a better or lovelier place. Instead, it puts into the hands of the reader the ability to make life exactly what they want it to be by revealing the substance and purpose of life. With this book, the reader will be able to eliminate the delusions that keep human beings powerless. It challenges our beliefs in the systems that are supposed to keep us safe and give us purpose, and it then replaces these limiting delusions with an infinitely creative, authentic identity that is literally self-determining.

Just as Goddard’s prophetic teachings inspired a very particular response in his readers, Kate’s book will inspire that same powerful emotion. What makes Infinite Possibility so exciting is that the reader will emerge unafraid of the impermanence of life, while recognizing their specific role in the great drama of it. In Neville’s own words, “Stop trying to change the world, since it Is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force Is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.”

 KATE is a British television presenter and author with a background in science. She was first introduced to metaphysics as a teenager by her mother, a former yoga teacher and education specialist. She developed a penetrating and enduring fondness for the self-empowering teachings of Neville Goddard, and she remains just as steadfastly devoted to spreading his message today. After postgraduate research at Oxford, Kate moved to Switzerland to work at the World Health Organization, where she developed educational resources for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to her academic science career, Kate has worked with the BBC Science Unit and BBC Radio Oxford, and she served as news editor of the international journal Africa Health, for whom she conducted research trips and assisted in the establishment of a learning resources and study center at one of Nigeria’s forefront teaching hospitals. She has been published in the internationally acclaimed science journal Nature. Kate has also presented two science series aimed at young adults for Channel 4 in the UK, earning a BAFTA Nomination. She lives in London.

“Katherine Jegede is a forceful proponent for the teachings of the great metaphysician Neville Goddard.” -Paul Selig, author of The Book of Mastery, and I am the Word

“Katherine Jegede’s great book is challenging and thought provoking. There’s no holding back or compromising in Kate’s vision of Neville and her bold action plan to make your life really work.” -Jim Lefter, CEO, The New Thought Channel

“In Infinite Possibility, Katherine Jegede faithfully and dynamically reintroduces the ideas and techniques of Neville Goddard to a new  eneration. Whether you are, like me, a longtime lover of Neville’s work or a newcomer, this book provides you with an entirely fresh estimate of how much power these ideas can bring into your life. It is an invalu1able addition to the  Growing rediscovery of Neville’s work.” -Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America and The Miracle Club.

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