Inner Vegas

Inner Vegas,
Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health

By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

book-inner-vegas-195x300Reviewed by Matthew Miller

Inner Vegas. We have heard, read and seen many areas related to Inner Child, Inner Self, Inner Wisdom, etc. all having to do with our search for enlightenment, but Inner Vegas? Who would ever associate Las Vegas with one’s pursuit of enlightenment?

Well, that’s what I thought until I read the book. To begin with, Dr. Gallenberger is no stranger to esoteric studies. He is a senior facilitator at the Monroe Institute and has conducted extensive research in manifestation and psychokinesis, using universal laws and principles.

At first, one might infer that this book is for those who can learn to focus their concentration to the point where they can direct the forces of nature for a winning result at the dice table and other games of chance. After reading a few chapters, you realize that part of this is true; the part about learning to focus your thoughts and energies for a specific result. However, the part about winning or losing, as stated by Dr. Gallenberger, is just a way of determining whether or not you have achieved that level of focus necessary to bring about the desired results: the feedback in gambling is immediate. The objective is to truly be able to achieve such an acute focus in all aspects of our lives, not just affecting the roll of the dice, that we can actually become masters of our lives.

Dr. Gallenberger shares with you the many antidotes that occurred during this process that allows you to get to know each of the individuals and the challenges they encountered throughout their training. You are there as the many participants experience the elation of winning and the downside of losing, knowing that it is their lack of focus that is causing the challenges; how to rise above that roller coaster of emotions is dealt with in Dr. Gallenberger’s workshops. As each participant learns to increase his or her focus ability, challenges occur in their everyday lives. As these impediments become increasingly obvious, research participants begin to recognize the need for these challenges to be transmuted before they are able to move forward.

This book is not a step by step on how to achieve this great focus, but rather an overview of the work Dr. Gallenberger has presented to many groups over the last 30 years. It shows that opportunities for evolvement can come in many different forms, from many different directions.

The real benefit of this book is learning that those abilities that are realized through the training and processes presented by Dr. Gallenberger are really there to help us take advantage of all of life’s opportunities, as they are presented to us each and every day.

Dr. Gallenberger says “I have found that we can indeed have tremendous influence over what quality of life we experience.  In my book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles Abundance, and Health, I explore, in detail, the idea that there are things we can do to create an enhanced, abundant reality for ourselves.  I back my discoveries with current science and the experience of hosting over sixtyfive Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops over the past 15 years.

In these workshops we use the casino as a classroom to learn how to create desired outcomes consistently. When we are in the right pattern of energy we achieve results that would only occur once in a thousand times by chance.

In my home study course, SyncCreation®,[which is a home study in Manifestation that helps take participants into fascinating states of power and intuition] these thoughts are translated into the tools and exercises for its students to achieve this power in their broader lives, producing miracles of healing and joyful manifestations in finances, careers, and relationships.”

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