JUST ASK: Questions from members

JUST ASK, Conscious Conversations Podcast
QUESTION ON: Phases of Consciousness

A Question from Montana: I’ve started meditating but how do I know how far I’ve progressed in raising my consciousness?

Answer: You might find this discussion on consciousness helps describe the phases of consciousness that all humans go through.

QUESTION ON: Handling One Disaster After Another

A Question From Salem:  Lately, I’ve experienced one disaster after another. Normally, I can pick myself up but lately I seem to be losing faith. Do you have any suggestions for me?

QUESTION ON: Trusting Your Intuition 

A Question from Los Angeles: I am somewhat intuitive. But sometimes the messages that come to me through my intuition are not necessarily accurate. How do I know which ones to trust?

QUESTION ON: Why Is Life Unfair?

QUESTION from Boston: As I look around this world, it seems to me that life isn’t fair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and there doesn’t seem to be a logical answer as to why. Could you comment?

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