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QUESTION ON: Happiness

A Question from Carol:  I’m going to  be really honest here, my life is miserable. I’m torn  apart by hurt and anger and I just can’t seem to let it go. Believe me I’ve tried but I’ve  been treated really bad.

Answer: You might find this discussion on happiness to be of help. Anger can harm you more than the person with whom you are angry. Let go and claim your happiness.

QUESTION ON: Phases of Consciousness

A Question from Sheila: I’ve started meditating but how do I know how far I’ve progressed in raising my consciousness?

Answer: You might find this discussion on consciousness helps describe the phases of consciousness that all humans go through.

QUESTION ON: Handling One Disaster After Another

A Question From Tom:  Lately, I’ve experienced one disaster after another. Normally, I can pick myself up but lately I seem to be losing faith. Do you have any suggestions for me?

QUESTION ON: Trusting Your Intuition 

A Question from Lavern: I am somewhat intuitive. But sometimes the messages that come to me through my intuition are not necessarily accurate. How do I know which ones to trust?

QUESTION ON: Why Is Life Unfair?

QUESTION from Kate: As I look around this world, it seems to me that life isn’t fair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and there doesn’t seem to be a logical answer as to why. Could you comment?

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