Kristie Knutson

Meet Roundtable Member and
Distant Service Council Chair, Kristie Knutson

Kristie-Knutson-Kristie Knutson served as president and Chief Executive Officer of the English speaking jurisdiction of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  In addition to her responsibilities as CEO, Ms. Knutson traveled extensively both nationally and internationally, conducting seminars on all aspects of metaphysics. To contact Ms. Knutson, Click Here.


Interviewed by Pamela Jaye Smith

Pamela Jaye Smith: How did you get involved with the IFGT?

Kristie Knutson: In 2002, Maryann Miller called me and asked if I would be interested in participating in something she was trying to start and she shared with me the reason she was doing this was because she had a dream in the 80’s and I remember her telling me the dream happened over 3 nights and the dream continued where it had left off each of the previous nights. The dream involved a big spider and a web of light. I get goose bumps now when I think about the web of light. We talked about what she wanted to do with the Institute, that it was about connecting people.  It was about being inclusive, which the web of light symbolized. This web of light has lived with me now for about five years.

There‘s something we’re supposed to be doing.

I remember in the 70’s and the 80’s thinking there is something that I’m supposed to be doing; there’s something I’m supposed to do.  And that feeling motivated many choices I’ve made in my life.  In the late 90’s that feeling started to change its wording and I realized that I had come to think there’s something we’re supposed to be doing.  And then when Maryann called me and she talked about this web of light, that web started to vibrate for me; that web of light has been living in me for the last five years or so and there is an emergency around this web now.  There’s something we are supposed to be doing.  There is something that must be born into this world.  It must be born and whether we are the light force of it, I’m not sure.  But this web is about our engaging, igniting a quantum change in consciousness.  There is a way for us to engage with each other that has never, ever, ever been experienced or thought of before and now the thought of it is everywhere.  It’s in everything.  I wish I knew what the process is for this.  I wish I knew what the methodology is.  But I have the sense that the most helpful thing that all of us can do right now is to ask the question; I wonder what we are supposed to be doing?  I wonder how it is that we are to proceed?

I believe that is the consciousness that is hovering
and shimmering on the edge of manifestation

I believe that this consciousness will be a living organic thing of its own and that we will truly be aspects of that webbing and that there will be things possible beyond our imagination.  I think that there will be an engagement of people; a connection of people; a healing of people and the greatest gift we can give humanity and ourselves, right now, is to ask the question “I wonder what is coming; I wonder what is shaping; I wonder how I am part of this; I wonder what we are supposed to be doing together?”  And I believe that 95% of manifestation is asking the right question.