Let’s Talk Change Podcast

Seth Adamson and Lyrata Barrett Host the IFGT’S Let’s Talk Change Podcast.

Is it possible to change the hostility, divisiveness, and chaos that has become so much a part of our lives?

I say yes.

I’m Seth Adamson, author of “The Art of Relating” and “hu•man•u•ni•ty”. I teach principles that provide a framework for the attainment of true, lasting, and positive change in any area where humankind needs to advance.

In order to attain positive and lasting change in our individual lives and within our human community, we must build a new paradigm. A framework that guarantees that we do not rise only to fall – a path that assures we continue upward in our individual lives and in our human story.

Yes, we live in turbulent times. Yet, from the deepest adversity arises the greatest potential to advance the human condition.

Join me for “Let’s Talk Change”, a weekly podcast sponsored by the Institute for Global Transformation™ and together, let’s see how we can change the story, improve our lives and begin to create a better world.

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