Life’s Golden Ticket

By Brendon Burchard

Reviewed by Matthew Miller

book-lifes-golden-ticket-198x300Life’s Golden Ticket is a wonderfully written novel that provides an opportunity to all of us, who at one time or another, wished we could review our lives and maybe make some changes that would afford more successful outcomes. The premise is a man, in his mid-thirties, keeps a promise to his dying fiancé to visit an amusement park that has been closed for many years. During that visit, many experiences occur for the man that show him how his shortcomings have influenced his life and kept him from being the person he always wanted to be.

Now, this may sound like a depressing story, but it really isn’t because the opportunities that the protagonist attracts show him a better path for his life’s journey that will provide a more successful and fulfilling life. I’m sure many of us have wondered what happened to the great plans and hopes we had when we were just starting out as young adults; many of them have gone by the wayside.

Mr. Burchard also provides a blueprint, through very entertaining segments of the book, that shows us what can happen, if we really want to know how to change our life and become more of that person we thought we would be.

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