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Here you will find a growing list of members, individuals and organizations that serve humanity and work to uplift and transform consciousness. Some have been brought to our attention, either by direct interaction with the Institute For Global Transformation, or by recommendation.

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Ageless Wisdom Mystery School with Michael Benner

Now, Personal Empowerment is yours through compelling conversations and guided meditations. Simply, Help your SELF. Experts in the field for more than three decades, Steve and Michael have done the research for you. Each week, their premium audio programs give you proven tools – insights so profound, they will reveal your genuine Higher SELF.

Art Costello: Expectation Therapy

Expectation Therapy will transform how you and the world communicate, perceive, and process expectations. It will teach you that your expectations can transform your life for the better. It’s not what others expect of you that really matters, it’s how you react to your own self-expectations that have been developed throughout your years that count the most.

Awakening World Foundation

A non-profit foundation to support those without the means to purchase or acquire inspirational or educational literature for themselves. The vision here at Awakening World Foundation is to nurture their dreams, lift up hearts that are weary, and provide appropriate educational literature and resources to individuals and groups who who are destined to be World Changers.

Center For Conscious Creativity

The Center for Conscious Creativity (c3) is an organization dedicated to bridging the worlds of the arts  and media-making with the exploration and pursuit of the numinous…towards deeper, richer meaning and expression in creation. c3 is dedicated to creating community and providing a space for sharing information. A non-denominational, philosophical, spiritual, scientific, psychological and transformational-based organization dedicated to deepening expression and experience in the creation of art and media towards social, political, educational, cultural, and or spiritual transformation.

Debra Greene

Debra Greene, PhD, is an Energy Health Specialist and frequently quoted expert in the field of energy medicine and mind-body integration. She combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern science in her clinical practice, writings, lectures, and nationwide media appearances. Debra has worked with thousands of clients and taught hundreds of workshops. Author of the acclaimed book, Debra is an engaging instructor, a dynamic presenter, and sought-after practitioner.

IINos with Philip Horvath, Co-Founder

Philip is a Fortune 500 business consultant. “He saw when and why innovation teams fail: they focus on the mechanics of their work, not on the meaning it will create within people’s lives. Philip began to help teams connect with the ‘meaning’ of their innovations to the external world. For more than 20 years, Philip has refined what it means to innovate.” Philip says, “As a generalist, I love applying perennial and cutting edge concepts across a variety of topics and domains. My core focus is on relating and on frameworks that allow people to be more conscious and creative – resulting in a richer experience of life, and more efficiency and effectiveness in an organizational context.” If you are looking for a dynamic, fun, thought-provoking and engaging speaker for your event, group or organization.

Joy Keepers Network

Helina Goldstein is founder of The Joy Keepers Network. This is a global forum for spiritual leaders, teachers, coaches, healers and practitioners. We recognize JOY as one of the most fundamental and powerful states and energies available to every human being (along with Love, Wisdom, Peace and Creativity) and connecting us all as One. We are here to support peaceful transformations and creative solution to the current political, social and environmental challenges. We know that in order to meet the massive challenges faced by humanity and our planet we must join our joyful forces!

Lambert’s Lodge with Georgia Lambert

Specializing in the synthesis of the Western Mystery Tradition, Georgia teaches on-going classes in southern California and has done so constantly for the last 25 years. Her classes cover a wide range of esoteric traditions and meditation techniques, including the Ageless Wisdom, The Kabalah, Masonry, and the Arthurian Quest for the Grail.

One Humanity Foundation

The One Humanity Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to the recognition of our shared humanity. Our mission: to expand recognition and awareness of the four steps to humanunity.

  • Recognition of the simple truth that we are all human.
  • ​The formation of unity from that recognition.
  • Gathering strength from that unity.
  • The discovery of solution with that collective strength.​

Pachamama Alliance

The Alliance is Generating a Critical Mass of Conscious Commitment. With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, our programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. See how the Pachamama Alliance is working to generate the critical mass of conscious commitment that can create a positive future.

TimeTools with Joan Hamilton  also go to:

Freedom from Time-Related Stress!  Does it feel like you’re running as fast as you can and you’re still behind? Are you ready to change your life? Dr. Joan Hamilton is a pioneer in the realm of time and creator of the 5 step process called TimeTools.  Her life-changing message is one of hope.

Tom Hulsey, author of “The Winning Mindset That Saved My Life”
Net profits from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research.

Twilight Brigade® with Dannion Brinkley

Dannion is co-founder of The Twilight Brigade and Compassion in Action (CIA), which is an international organization that recruits, trains, and places volunteers, with the goal of providing companionship during the last months of life. With more than 76 million Baby Boomers now confronting the mortality of their relatives and friends many of whom are Veterans, this program is providing a much-needed link to assure quality in end-of-life care.

Waldorf Institute of Southern California with John Brousseau

Founding Director of the Waldorf Institute of Southern California

Our goal is to guide and support our student teachers on a journey of soul-spiritual development and transformation that will continue as life practice and enable them to realize their potential as practicing Waldorf teachers.

When The Soul Awakens with Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg

The awakened soul recognizes that we are not alone and that a Grand Design is working out. The more these realities take root in human minds, the greater will be our chances of defeating the forces of darkness and of anchoring the emerging forces of light.


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