Liquid Luck, The Good Fortune Handbook

book-liquid-luck-195x300Liquid Luck, The Good Fortune Handbook
By Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.
Reviewed by Matthew Miller

In Liquid Luck, Dr. Gallenberger outlines the well-researched and successful Hemisphere-Synchronization process designed by Bob Monroe of the Monroe Institute to facilitate rapid and deep shifts in consciousness, allowing for new creativity and energy to be applied to the creation of luck and abundance.

Dr. Gallenberger takes the reader through a series of specific guided meditations on gratitude, abundance, compassion, loving awareness, praise and luck. He then explains how binaural beats actually work to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain in order to produce a more expanded state of awareness during these guided meditations. Liquid Luck presents one of the most practical applications of the meditation process I’ve come across in many years.    and

In the companion Liquid Luck CD, changing binaural beats are used to produce different Focus Levels of consciousness. First you are guided to relax, then you are led on a journey into a much greater and expanded state of awareness. You are then guided to release all distractions and concerns of the day as the binaural beats move you into an even more sublime state of awareness. Once you have achieved this higher state of consciousness, you are guided to create the vial of Liquid Luck that contains happiness, gratitude, abundance, compassion, love, praise and luck.

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Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist who has over 30 years experience as a therapist. He has a great interest in the universal principles of manifestation. In 1995 Dr Gallenberger began exploring psychokinesis, the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. After achieving powerful results at a university laboratory and enhancing his methods over 5 years of study, he began to teach this skill to groups. He has used his discoveries to host over 60 Vegas Adventure Workshops, which take participants into fascinating states of personal power and intuition. Dr. Gallenberger is a senior facilitator at The Monroe Institute. Gallenberger trains a spectrum of Monroe programs and developed the Institute’s highly successful MC² (Manifestation and Creation Squared) program that teaches psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation. Gallenberger also developed SyncCreation, A Course in Manifestation which is the home study version of the MC² program. ~The Monroe Institute