Membership Questions & Answers

Membership Questions & Answers

Is there a membership fee?
There are no membership fees or dues.

Are there any fees associated with activities?
Fees are charged for special activities like classes, courses of study, conventions, retreats, etc..


There are no fees for:

  • Participation in creating projects for humanity and the planet,
  • The Model of Transformational Consciousness
  • E-newsletter six time per year
  • Distant Service Council
  • Participation in Meditation Projects
  • IFGT Yahoo moderated Group and Message Board
  • Networking
  • Creating new friendships, collaborations and communities

Question: How do you go about transforming consciousness? 9752182-150x150

Answer: The Institute’s process for transforming consciousness is designed to guide individuals to discover, create, and utilize higher states of consciousness with a sense of wisdom and purpose. Our process presents, in easily understood language, the many facets of consciousness and how, through meditation or directed prayer, higher states of consciousness can be achieved. Our methodologies and techniques support conscious alignment with Universal Consciousness in order to produce core changes within one’s self and ultimately, humanity as a whole.

An introduction to the transformational process is presented in our FREE booklet. The booklet is an introduction to an innovative process that, when applied in your daily life assists you in attaining higher states of consciousness. This process will eventuate in mastery of your physical, emotional, and mental self. 

The booklet acquaints you with information on the natural laws of the universe and how this knowledge can influence the brain to more intelligently respond to impressions coming to it via your five physical senses. Attunement with higher states of consciousness assists you in aligning your life’s goals and mission with your Soul’s purpose, thereby allowing the Wisdom of the Soul to guide and direct all areas of your life.

Evidence shows that, when you develop a conscious alignment with higher states of consciousness in the execution of an established purpose, you effectively become connected to everyone else, every other activity, and all information that is associated with the focus of your intention, resulting in the powerful experience of synchronicity and synergy.

Utilization of the information contained within this free booklet will assist you in creating repeatable and predictable experiences that may be used effectively as the basis for further development of higher consciousness.

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