Orly Amor

Orly Amor and businessOrly Amor, Business Coach and Certified Behavior Analyst

Orly Amor is a visionary and a connector. She is passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances in their sphere of influence. Orly helps C-Level Executives, HR Executives and Sales Managers increase their bottom line in 3 ways:

1.  Motivating and inspiring keynotes to help executives and sales managers increase their bottom line in sales. Orly’s expertise as a Certified Behavior Analyst means she knows and teaches “How to close the deal 98% of the time.”  Even on short notice, you can count on her to make your event a huge success. Orly will keep your audience members engaged and learn in an entertaining yet serious way.

Topics: Climbing the Ladder of Success Without Effort and Get Along, or Get Out

Because it’s close to her heart, Orly also speaks on and helps women overcome adversity and trauma.

  • Topics: Victim to Victor and It’s My Time

2. Business Coach for Public Speakers

Are you a speaker, coach, author or business leader who wants to have a lucrative 6-figure speaking business?

64,000 events a day in America pay public speakers. When you follow the business model that Orly will help you build, you can make 6-figures in the first year. Her “Business in a Box” program builds the infrastructure and system to expand your visibility as an expert.

Orly has built a lucrative speaking business herself with Motivation, Leadership and Sales for over 14 years, in 18 states and internationally. Plus she’s helped over 100 speakers find their niche and monetize it with her program.

Presentation coaches teach delivery and content. If you want to be booked and build a lucrative speaking business, call Orly now at (917) 515-6803.

3. Health and Wellness Network of Commerce

Orly started the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce as a platform for health and wellness professionals, practitioners, service, and product providers to network and collaborate with corporate professionals.

She opened chapters in 6 countries and 6 states in 2 years, with her unique method with strategic alliances and her huge network.

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