Philip Horvath, Roundtable Speaker

Meet Roundtable Team Member:

Philip Horvath

Philip HorvathPhilip Horvath is an international Speaker, Business Consultant, Conceptual Thinker, and Artist

Philip serves as a transformational catalyst working with individuals and organizations in transition who realize that we live in a radically new world and who want to create new sustainable solutions. Philip says his passion “is to help people turn change into transformation, be it personal, organizational, or in any other arena of human relating. Change occurs all the time, transformation occurs when you approach change consciously and creatively.”

Philip’s Life

“From when I was a kid and started to program databases to developing program management frameworks for large-scale enterprise projects for global Fortune 500 companies, my brain has always enjoyed a good challenge. Over the years, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a variety of industries: health care, military, education, arts & entertainment, new media, finance and fashion.

I continue to work to find heuristics that relate to all of them, that allow me to have underlying principles I can apply, across disciplines, across cultures, across organizations and industries. Higher level schemata that apply throughout nature, from the gross to the subtle. Any project I approach, I approach with immersion, integration, and innovation.

Utilizing derived cross-disciplinary schemata, I seek to find order in chaos, create scalable structures, build flexible frameworks, while testing them against perennial and 21st century wisdom. My approach is generalist and holistic: I draw from a plethora of – at times seemingly unrelated – domains, to extract perennial and cutting edge concepts and apply them to their maximum effect and efficiency.

Utilizing time-tested systems, I like to combine applicable esoteric principles with the latest research in cognitive science.

Creativity and full left/right brain integration are central elements of what I bring to any project.”

If you are interested in working or collaborating on a project with Philip, please connect with him through his website at or by contacting him .

Philip is available to:

  • consult organizations and individuals
  • speak on a variety of topics