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Dennis Kwiatkowski

There is now proof that your brain changes when you meditate:

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Our monthly Global Meditation-Prayer Focus is a special opportunity to serve those in need and help build a more unified, compassionate, and loving world.  Energy transmissions are sent on a daily basis and the more people who join us in this focus, the greater will be the power of our attunement and the energy available for transmission. 



For things to reveal themselves to us we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.     ~Thich Nhat Hanh

The above quote was recently sent to me in an email by a friend and it is worthy of contemplation, consideration and meditation at this time.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the classic line by Yoda to the young Luke Skywalker in the second Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.  In teaching Luke to use The Force, Yoda states: “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Many mystical students have had the experience of reading a piece of sacred literature or a mystical treatise or lesson, with the assumption that they fully understood it, and then, in re-reading it again years later, it felt like they were reading it for the very first time.  The lesson or writing hadn’t changed, but the student had in the intervening years and they were able to apprehend, grasp or understand what previously was not possible.

I’ve had the experience of picking up a book and looking through it, knowing it was significant but feeling that its importance would come to me at a later time.  Sometimes it would be many years or even decades later when, picking up the book again, it was revelatory.  As in the example given in the preceding paragraph, sometimes this is due to the preparations and training we undergo in the pursuit of truth. Other times it is getting our personality, its likes and dislikes, its biases and prejudices out of the way so the Inner Self can teach and reveal.  The adage comes to mind: When the student is ready, the Master will appear.

A class I once took involved, among other things, an exercise addressing the problem of the difficulty in communication between people.  It highlighted that each person had a preconceived idea of the other as well as an expectation being brought to the conversation—taken together it amounted to baggage that hampered real communication before a word was spoken.  To remedy this the advice was for each person to stand in a clearing, figuratively speaking, free of baggage, and just take in without bias, what is being communicated by the other person (easier said than done but eminently worthwhile).  If even one of the two people approaches communication in this way, it can result in real breakthroughs.

The current cycle we are living in is an excellent time to be receptive to our Higher Self, our Higher Nature.  Astrologer Robert Wilkinson points out it involves new ways of relating to others on a more refined level, new ideals and perspectives and well-rounded understanding. Some of the mass fog and confusion will lift and be clarified though there will still be spinning along the way.  He says the theme of the next month is: You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  Above all should be stressed the ability to teach and be taught with kindness.

We are at a major fork in destiny for the world, he states, through what is being awakened in the form of a social-spiritual rebirth.

For our October Focus may we see people everywhere receptive to their Highest Nature–their Soul—discerning truth and radiating the kindness and love at the heart of their Being in service to humanity.




It is important to address the root causes of problems as opposed to just paying lip service or applying a band-aid.  This approach is at the heart of mysticism.  When one is ill, for example, the mystical approach is to correct the imbalance and thus remove the cause of the condition.  Healing then rapidly follows.  If one only treats the symptoms of a disease it may provide temporary relief but it does not get at, or eliminate, the root cause.

Mysticism involves not only oneness with the Cosmos, the Divine, the Absolute—but it is also a philosophy of life that applies spiritual principles, in a practical way, to address the problems in our lives.   Such an approach is holistic, comprehensive, integrated and integrative in its effects and it involves moral consideration of others and reflection in the best possible sense.

For many years now, astrological and celestial influences have been helping to bring about increased awareness in our society and to the entire planet.  Simply by your own quality of being aware, you help to bring increased awareness to others and help good things to manifest.  There are those in power in the world who would prefer that you and especially the masses remain in ignorance.  These people fear other people becoming more conscious, aware, and self-aware because when people can no longer be easily fooled, they cannot be easily manipulated by others—especially those who would use fear to try to control people.

The astrological aspects in play are sometimes a combination of positive and negative energy.  (One aspect, a conjunction of Saturn, the south node and Pluto all in Capricorn has not been seen in 500 years).  The Capricorn energy can be perceived as heavy.  The Jupiter/Neptune square may alternate between periods of confusion and clarity and the revealing of truth.  And the craziness in our world that astrologers have predicted and which is abundantly evident is not going away anytime soon.

Yet all this energy is part of a bigger picture and something positive is developing that is playing out.  It is necessary to have faith, to trust and to be receptive to your highest nature as matters unfold this year and in the coming years.  We all have a part to play.  And a sense of humor would be good to keep in mind as well.  Divine help will manifest when most needed. Truth will ultimately win out.

Perhaps a paraphrase of Marianne Williamson’s words largely emphasizing their universality in regard to all democracies is appropriate at this time:

Intellectual argument and traditional strategizing is not enough to save us.  Only a deeper, whole person conversation that emerges from the soul, tapping into a higher frequency of love for each other and the world, will carry the power to override the dangerous consequences of demagoguery and fear.  Only a collective love will cast out a collective hate.  Love anywhere increases love everywhere. 

Democracy isn’t just about getting what we want.  It isn’t just our right, it’s our responsibility. It’s something that every generation has to embrace for itself–it takes more than words on a document to guarantee democracy–it takes dedication and courage to protect it.  American democracy is an important story, and all of us have to be keepers of the story, if we lose that story-line then we lose everything.

For our September Focus may we see people everywhere attuned to their Soul, inspired by the highest promptings of Soul, realizing their connection to each other, to all of life, to Divine Source and responding accordingly to elevate the entire planet and all of its people.



We are privileged to live in a time where divine energy, illumination and love is flowing and manifesting in such a profound way as to bring truly wonderful changes and transformation to our planet.  The pace of these changes has quickened in recent decades, bringing with it a challenge to everyone, to grow and evolve in kind, and to remain centered in soul as a glorious new age unfolds.  But for some people, the experience of these energies results in fear, panic and desperation as it is difficult for them to quite grasp what is happening and to realize such change is for the better.

For these people, their entire world (and  their world-view) seems to be crashing down around them which leads to ever more frantic attempts to hold on to a ‘comfortable past’ which no longer serves anyone well and which unbeknownst to them is already gone forever.  The background static created by this kind of fear and panic is a source of discomfort and considerable turmoil in the world, to say the least–but it is a natural phenomenon that is part of the picture and it is a passing thing–however long that passing may take.  Evolution and divine unfoldment will continue to manifest.

It’s like a magnificent piece of music with a wonderful vibrational message is being played on a cosmic radio that is being broadcast to our entire world and in our lives, but there is this annoying background static.  The static can interfere with, distort and obscure the beauty and purity of the message of the music.  Rather than focus our attention on the static, which will only embolden it, we can help in this situation by intentionally energizing those soul personalities who are helping the new age to manifest.  This is like drawing in the radio channel more clearly and powerfully and it emphasizes the manifestation of the solution instead of being stuck on the problem.

Our focus for the coming month is the flow of metaphysical energy to those people throughout the world who truly believe in the equality of all people, who truly have compassion for all people, and who truly want to help make the world a better place.  By petitioning divine aid that these people be attuned to their souls, that they externalize their souls and that they be divinely inspired, we can vivify and strengthen the manifestation taking place.  By ending our focus with the petition that all people receive what they need in accordance with divine will, our efforts will be as universal and helpful as possible.

This is already happening today–as this influx of divine truth manifests.  More and more people are indeed seeing clearly (and seeing through the deceptions that have been perpetrated for far too long).

Our Focus is to see the world ablaze with divine light–a world in which all are healthier, happier, more creative, more peaceful, prosperous, attuned with, and a reflection of, the divine. We are able to actively participate in this influx to the betterment of ourselves and the unfoldment and upliftment of the entire planet and its peoples.


One of the reasons I have referenced astrology in a number of Meditation Focus articles (and am doing so once again) is that we are living in a very sensitive and important time.  The other day I accidentally dropped something on the floor. What greatly surprised me was my reaction when I dropped it—an explosive outburst of anger.  Why such a reaction? After all, I only dropped something which I then proceeded to pick up—done, over with.  There is a tremendous amount of “emotional” energy in the air these days.  If you have noticed this explosive energy within yourself at times, you are not crazy.  And just your noticing it within yourself is positive and significant.

Lots of things are being stirred up right now for people.  Emotions are heightened for everyone. One astrologer refers to this tension as a cutting, grinding, polishing and refining of our personality. The celestial and powerful astrological influences (and there are many over the coming months and years, a truly significant set of aspects and eclipses) are affecting everyone on the planet.

Now while I reacted explosively over dropping something, I didn’t have the same reaction when I nearly burned my hand washing dishes.  The cold water/hot water spigot-adjustment in my kitchen sink is precarious and you may suddenly find yourself dealing with scalding water.  Now you would think the sudden hot water on my hand would cause a stronger outburst than dropping something on the floor.  But this didn’t happen. I simply pulled the hand away without incident.

There is a difference between real danger and something unconsciously triggered within us.  We deal with real danger—the hot water—by effectively pulling the hand away without drama—an appropriate response to secure our well-being.  But so much of what is occurring today in the world and coming up for people is unconscious triggering.

One aspect causing tension is determining what is true and what is false in the news.  Clarity will come about in time, much will be revealed and exposed, and even then those who are trying to muddle or make murky the picture for their own advantage will renew their efforts to cause confusion.  We see this happening even now.  But it won’t work in the long run.

Another thing coming up for people with all the Cancer and Capricorn energy in play are issues over security—inner and outer.  Inner security is of paramount importance—inner reflects outer—inner security effectively pulls your hand away from scalding water without drama.

This is a time of great healing—the potential for tremendous healing.  Old realities are resurfacing for people even as they are trying to let go of these outmoded realities that have served their purpose and can be released.  Wounds are surfacing for everyone—wounds from this life and sometimes from a series of lifetimes.

How do we deal with this uncomfortable energy, this mixture of emotions, when it surfaces?  Ask yourself: How am I being presented with opportunities to evolve to find deeper inner peace regardless of what I am experiencing?  How can I truly love myself?  Breathe deeply!  Find emotional equilibrium instead of lashing out.  Ask your inner self what is being presented in your world to be understood.  Ask how you are to be healed.  Keep in mind everyone else also wants to be acknowledged, noticed and loved as well.  In some cases this will mean healthy boundaries you must keep in regard to others.  In other cases it may mean honoring obligations, family or otherwise.

I remember reading a mystical treatise many years ago which stated that if everyone in the world, everyone on the planet, thought peace, truly held thoughts of peace for an entire day, for only 24 hours, peace on earth would become a permanently established condition!  It all comes down to where we are coming from, where we are in consciousness and awareness.

Along these lines, it is interesting to note that Marianne Williamson, who is running for president of the United States, has stated she intends to address the current divisiveness in the United States and in the world, the stirring up of hatred by certain factions, with the power of Love.  The fact that a mystic is running for President is itself an extraordinary thing.  The fact that her ideas have already had an impact even at this early stage and will continue to have a more pronounced effect is indicative of the evolution that is occurring in our society.  The numbers of people being stirred up to destructively express hate are proportionately relatively small in number—sort of like the squeaky wheel that gets attention.  And the power of love of which Williamson speaks is much deeper and much much more than just radiating good thoughts as will become apparent over time.

Humanity is at a crossroads facing a fork in the road of destiny now and in the next few years.  What kind of world do we choose to live in?

For our July Focus may we see people everywhere processing their experiences with the assistance of Soul, healing fully from their wounds and helping to create a world of lasting peace, love, enrichment and upliftment for all.


I don’t have to remind anyone of the turbulent and challenging times in which we are living. I wish I could say that things will calm down for the summer, but the opposite is most likely to be the case. Among the astrological aspects in play are Jupiter’s last quarter square to Neptune, the transiting lunar nodes in Cancer/Capricorn and the transits of the Outer Planets (which also involves their own nodes) to say nothing of Uranus in Taurus and many other aspects. It makes for an intense and emotional time, but one with immense spiritual possibilities.

As astrologer Kim Marie points out: it is a good time to detach, slow down, go inward and find your emotional equilibrium no matter what is happening ‘out there’. Don’t give back ‘hate’ regardless of circumstances. If unsure of what to do, put one foot in front of the other and ask your Inner Self for guidance on how to move further forward.

While this (as well as the coming years) is a time of the death of many things as well as rebirth and renewal, it is also a time of many opportunities for soul growth, familial healings, resource stability, new realities and structure, even career advance. Every ending opens up space for new beginnings.

It is up to each of us as to whether or not we make leaps forward in every area of our lives and are receptive to the ‘intuitive hits’ which come to us of new beginnings. As we are all to play a part in national and international affairs in the coming years, everything we do and evolve within ourselves on a personal level is energetically linked to changing things for the better on a collective level.

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson also recommends being open to being inspired by flashes of higher awareness giving visions of greater truth and a better future along with opportunities to practice powers that will develop skills that will be needed. He notes that in reaching for higher perception, Greater Truth and a better future have already begun to assemble in our lives. Our potential to live a higher “Truth of Being” is limitless if we go with the shifts that have been occurring, make adjustments and attune to and express our highest self. There is important personal work and group work for all of us to do.

One thing I have found to be very helpful in recent months, which spiritual leaders and astrologers have advised us to do, especially when we are faced with difficult or challenging tasks that we would rather not do, is to do them anyway–to embrace the experience–and to trust that all will turn out well even if we don’t know what that will look like or how it will all work out.

Consider, if you will, the following words of Meister Eckhart and see if any of them speak to you:

Truly it is in darkness that one finds the light so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us.

When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order.

Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure.

The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.

He or she who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.

You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion.

–Meister Eckhart

And as Ralph Waldo Emerson noted: Always do what you are afraid to do –to which Michael Benner has added, The best parts of you are hidden where you are afraid to look.

In addition, don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and prayers. I recently lost two beloved kitties (one unexpected) through transition within a span of twenty-four hours. It was a moving and beautiful experience which I may write about another time. It occurred amid a very intense schedule of many responsibilities which seemed completely overwhelming. A few friends said they would remember me in their meditations and prayers and one by one everything fell into place such as I could not have imagined.

For our June Focus, may we see all people everywhere realizing that inner security of Soul sustains, serves, anchors and protects amid any outer insecurity. May our highest Soul promptings inspire us to collectively create a better world for everyone, not just a few–a world which more nearly reflects the purity of Divine Love.


The biblical story of the Three Wise Men or Magi, bearing gifts as they followed a star in search of the birthplace of the Christ child, is extremely well known.  But there is another story, less well known but similarly famous, entitled The Other Wise Man.  It details the efforts of a fourth Wise Man to accompany the Magi on their journey.

I first heard the story of The Other Wise Man many, many years ago, when I was a member of a local chapter in Midwestern United States. One of the regional officers would occasionally present it as a discourse at formal gatherings of members. Listeners looked forward to the discourse as it was always such a powerful and moving story.

The presentation was usually given during the Christmas season (with its symbolism of the return of Light) but could just as well been presented at Easter (with its connections to Spring, rebirth and renewal, resurrection ) or any other time of the year because the essence of the story itself is universal and archetypal and beyond a particular religion.  In fact, the story is old and mystical and exists in different forms.

Why does the story pack such a punch, so to speak?  One of the (many) reasons is that the main character, named Artaban, considered one of the main goals of his life to be unfulfilled and thus he considered himself to be a failure in an important area of his life. But, as the story reveals, Artaban’s life was anything but a failure.  There was a much bigger picture involved.

Does the story have any relevance to living in today’s world or any lessons to impart?  It is indeed important to realize that there is more than meets the eye occurring today.  There is a bigger picture involved that we are all a part of.  It may seem that we live in a rather weird time. Notwithstanding, we have something important to contribute.

We have previously talked about the shift in consciousness and increased awareness that has taken place over the past several years. A tremendous influx of Cosmic energy has been preparing people all over the world and flowing to those following the spiritual path to help them contribute to and help bring about the emerging Aquarian era.  The influx has resulted in increased clarity and increased sensitization.  It is why events can seem overwhelming at times.  We can pick up on what the whole world, the collective human race is going through.  It is a pivotal time.

As is pointed out in The Other Wise Man story, what we do makes a difference.  Being is ceaseless in its efforts to be.  The flow of Cosmic energy will assist in any noble purpose–often all we have to do is get out of the way (or get our untamed or undirected ego out of the way so we can follow through on the higher aspects of our inner soul urges).

I recently had some amazing insights in (somewhat binge) watching a television series on DVD, which followed the lives of a number of people and how they related and interconnected, that a friend had lent me.  The timing and the content of the program came together in a way that produced a special awareness in me that would not have happened had it been at another time. Obviously my friend was Cosmically inspired to help me though she may or may not have been aware of it.  Especially in these times we are living in, when we are open to assisting others and following our noblest urges we will serve as channels of good.

I am including a link to a recorded version of The Other Wise Man read by Violet Vuchinich (the regional officer I referred to earlier).  It has graciously been made available through kind permission of her daughter-in-law Maria.

For our May Focus may we see all people harmonizing with the Divine emanations of their soul—inspiring them to fulfill their destiny and contribute to the upliftment of humanity in accordance with Divine Will and Purpose.


As we’ve hinted at recently, the celestial influences and astrological aspects currently in play and to come, are having a huge effect on an extraordinarily large number of people.  Confusion, overwhelm, having one’s ‘buttons’ pushed over and over again—if any of this is what you’re experiencing you are in good company.

In the February focus, reference was made to the planet Neptune, which along with Jupiter in Sagittarius is helping to bring quite a spiritual influence and to reveal truth.  Neptune also deals with illusion, trickery and deceit.  Aided by an unusual, long and powerful Mercury retrograde period involving conjunctions to Neptune (in play until late March and beyond) the question of what is real and what is not, what is true and what is fantasy and where is truth amid the deception, is front and center right now.  When astrologers stated that this year’s events would get wilder and weirder than they already have been, they weren’t kidding.  Many recent news events bear this out and you can safely expect things to go back and forth for quite some time to come.  Ultimately though, truth will prevail.

The purpose of all this stirring up energy is to get us to go within, to remember our real nature, to draw upon our true power within.  Our center is the Divine—that’s who we are.  When everything around you is going crazy or out of whack, can you remember your center? Instead of looking for outer security, despite what may be going on in your life, can you realize and attune with your deep inner security and draw upon its infinite protection, power and potential.  It is easier than you think and it involves trust, attending to the moment and not getting thrown by distractions.

I would point out also that, as one of my friends Deirdre has said, if people actually realized the power of their intent and the thoughts they send out into the world, they would take heart and realize they accomplish more than they realize in putting forth their best.

Similarly, when we help others selflessly and unconditionally and generously, we can truly “take credit” for the good that comes from it.  We become part of another’s success. I placed the words “take credit” in quotation marks because we don’t act from a soul level to get something in return.  We might not get the credit (and it certainly doesn’t matter if we do) but our actions do make us co-creators, or partners or supporters in the positive work accomplished by our compassionate, giving and noble effects and the effects they produce.

This is also a time of purification, a challenge to bring forth our best, a time of renewal, a time to focus on where we can best serve—whether inwardly, simply in terms of our very Being, or outwardly in the world of action and doing.

For our April Focus may we see all people operating and functioning from their Divine Center, aligned with and inspired from within by the highest truths and ideals.



In the film Aquaman, the main character (who is from the underwater kingdom of Atlantis) is in search of a special trident which is guarded and protected by a formidable creature.  The trident can only be claimed and wielded by one who is the true king and who would use it wisely to unite the upper and lower worlds.  This is reminiscent of the task of the mystic to build a bridge between the inner and outer selves in balanced expression in order to wisely wield the predominant soul power of one’s true nature.

Interestingly the trident is the astrological symbol of the planet Neptune, a planet of some importance right now.  This may be another example of a Hollywood film having a guiding cosmic hand influencing it as the soul understands these archetypal symbols. Neptune deals with what is below the surface.  Fantasy, illusion, deceit, trickery, escapism, but importantly spirituality and truth and creative inspiration—how we wield energy for our personal and collective betterment. Neptune is currently in the middle degrees of it watery home sign of Pisces, and, aided by Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and other planetary aspects, deception is being uncovered and much truth is being revealed this year and in the coming years.

Astrologers have stated that events will get wilder and weirder this year than they have already been (which is saying a lot). They continue to caution against extreme solutions, coercive tendencies and fanatical ideas.  And because of the position of Chiron, the wounded healer, this is a good time astrologically for all of us to get in touch with our sacred wounds and what we are trying to heal within ourselves.  What is working for us, and what isn’t working for us, and what is the next step forward?  As astrologer Kim Marie would say, what is there to learn about becoming more self-empowered and how well can you temper yourself and have consideration for others?

What else should we keep in mind at this time? Things don’t have to make sense and often won’t initially.  And problems may resolve in unexpected or roundabout ways.  A lot of people may experience revisitations of relationships and memories from earlier years which will reveal why things had to be the way they were.  Thus it is a time of insight, if we are open to it. Above all, be adaptable, flexible, keep a sense of humor, embrace the unknown so we may understand and evolve, remain in integrity, stay centered and in the NOW and know that spiritual help and support is flowing to all those who are working toward the betterment and upliftment of all.

For our February Focus may we see all people being enlightened by the truth that is being revealed and responding in ways that support the unity, oneness, healing and well-being of all people everywhere.



We’ve all experienced those moments when life flows, when it is easy to do what is right, what is good for ourselves and for other people, when applying mystical principles is easy, when the results of our training and study is effective and produces dramatic results, a time when we manifest discipline, commitment and confidence, when we seem to be in a state of grace.

And there are other times, boom! One thing after another seems to go wrong. Nothing seems to work. The news gets depressing. Life is hard, sometimes very hard. What has gone wrong? Often, absolutely nothing.

As we express more of our real nature, who we really are, we become more authentic. We resolve problems that formerly plagued us. We look for the gifts in our challenging experiences where before there was only resistance. We grow. This releases energy. It clears blockages. It enables us to do things we couldn’t do before. More energy is now available. The mental body, the ego, doesn’t like this state of affairs, especially when, through awareness, we see ego from a better perspective. Suddenly the ego realizes it is not in charge of our life or autocratically defining our life. What’s more, the ego feeds on energy. And now more energy is available.

So the ego tries to dissuade us, it creates a drama, throws a tantrum, manifests a problem so that we might start despairing and give up on our efforts and discipline, and give our energy back to the ego and start listening to it and abiding by it exclusively, which will only keep feeding it!

Sometimes, also, when things seem out of kilter, a shift in our life is simply occurring and moving us to something better but we don’t read the situation accurately. Again, the ego may try to trick us into dwelling on the negative. What we dwell on, we attract, and this can lead to a vicious destructive spiral.

Eckhart Tolle states that the cause of unhappiness is never a situation but our thoughts (and subsequent emotions) about it. While action might be needed to change a situation, if there is nothing you can do, better to face what is and say to yourself ‘this is how it is right now. I can either accept it or make myself miserable.’ A situation is neutral. Our thoughts and emotions about it lead to a story about it, such as ‘this is horrible’, ‘this shouldn’t be happening’, ‘I am ruined’, ‘this is a disaster.’

Tolle further recommends separating our thoughts and emotions from the situation without making up a story about it. We are not our thoughts and emotions; we are the awareness behind them. By embracing our experience, just the facts, we can more effectively deal with it. Freedom from unhappiness, he says, is available now by facing what is, rather than making up stories about it. Awareness, he states, is the greatest agent for change.

Oftentimes we resist unpleasant experiences because we don’t like suffering. Tolle relates that suffering drives us deeper, evolves our consciousness and eventually burns up ego, but not until we suffer consciously. In conscious suffering there is already the transmutation, he says. The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness.

I am frequently moved and humbled by the nobility of people who have gone through great hardship and pain who are teaching us all (by their courage, attitude and example, and sometimes by just by getting through their experience) how to navigate the difficult waters of life. If resistance creates more suffering, then embracing creates less.

There are also people who are in pain who are not suffering because they look to what they can learn from life and they realize that hidden within our experiences are gifts and opportunities. Sometimes gifts come in the form of others who can help us if we are open to receiving. People want to be magnanimous. But many find it difficult to receive. We often cannot give if we don’t know how to receive. Since we are all one, the flow should be mutual.

Every experience we go through can be turned to advantage. In his book, Illusions, Richard Bach states “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.”

Finally, Helen Keller, who was physically non-sighted and non-hearing, overcame adversity to live a stunning life of love and accomplishment. She remained a total optimist. Her words, which follow below, remain an inspirational example of the life she led:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

“My optimism, then, does not rest on the absence of evil, but on a glad belief in the preponderance of good and a willing effort always to cooperate with the good that it may prevail. I try to increase the power God has given me to see the best in everything and everyone, and to make that Best a part of my life.”

For our January Focus, may we envision human beings across the planet having a realization of the gifts of their experiences and truly seeing the best in everything, in everyone, and making that Best a permanent part of our world.