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Our Courses and Coaching Programs:

  • Present you with knowledge and techniques on how to attune with your Higher-Self (your unlimited, eternal self) in order to create the life you envision, reach your full potential, learn how to utilize your innate wisdom and purpose to master your life.
  • Help you discover your true worth and purpose in life.
  • Present you with information and techniques on the power of intent to achieve happiness, success, health, and abundance.
  • Shift humanity from a spirit of separation to a spirit of inclusiveness, and how attaining higher consciousness will help create a better world for everyone.

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Master Your Mind, Master Your LifeThis is a one of a kind, extraordinary 28  Episode Video Course that will literally change your life! Have you ever wondered why you haven’t achieved your goals, found the success you are seeking, or live the life you envision for yourself? If so, find out how to make them a reality. The entire 28 episodes are specially priced at only $99 . Because learning how to QuantumThink® can literally change your world, I’ve made this course affordable for everyone. Join me for Master Your Mind, Master Your Life here.

QuantumThink® Coaching Program

Dianne & Alan Collins
Dianne & Alan Collins

In Dianne Collins and Alan Collins’s coaching program, you will learn how to use the art of intent to master your life and achieve your higher potential, use perspective to solve challenges in your life; identify and transmute old, outdated habits and patterns; and make changes in areas of your life you thought were impossible. Find out more:  QuantumThink® Coaching Program



Georgia LambertGeorgia Lambert teaches from Southern California via the web. Ms. Lambert is also available for workshops, seminars, and lecture presentations on numerous esoteric subjects including Masonry and Celtic Wisdom.

Georgia Lambert is one of the major teachers in a new DVD series titled THE GREAT WORK. It is a six part series based upon the initiations of alchemy as well as other mystery traditions.

To contact Georgia Lambert:  Click Here.

Georgia Lambert’s On-line Courses

These courses are offered on-line and they all involve comprehensive text which you will be supplied.

This is the sister class to Nature of the Soul. Those who are newer to spiritual study will find this class a very comprehensive introduction to the mysteries.

An in depth study of the nature of groups, how they are born, emerge, unfold, and decline. A group is seen as a living entity, unfolding in the course of its growth, all of the chakra stages and patterns. The student is taught to recognize these cycles and patterns for the sake of service to the group, and the application of Divine Intervention, allowing the highest and best within the group to emerge.

This class focuses on the Esoteric History of the United States, its founding and its unfoldment. Techniques are taught to invoke this Nation’s higher self, true purpose, and Spiritual Soul.

In all times and places, each culture has had its Mystery Schools and Sacred Traditions. These esoteric paths of training went beyond the hand of morality and philosophy, to the Path of Spiritual Alchemy. This training was designed to produce evolutionary transformation within the spiritual seeker, enabling him or her, to become a co-creator within the world, empowered to take up the work of spiritual evolution upon this planet.

Internal techniques and practices were taught, designed to produce those evolutionary changes within the nervous system and brain which allowed the Indwelling Consciousness greater perception and creativity within the realm of Matter.

Nature of the Soul is an extensive training in that tradition and activity. It provides a step by step experience in the Art and Science of Meditation, whereby the student unfolds the Soul within the personality. This results in the personality becoming the “trusted servant” of the Soul rather than its prison, and the Soul, now through its trained personality, can take up its spiritual service in the world.

Along with extensive and sequential meditation technique and practice, are included the subjects of Esoteric Anatomy, the study of the subtle body and its organs or charkas, Planetary History, the earlier appearances and expressions of humanity, Transmutation, the changing of negative thoughts, feelings and actions into positive expressions, and the process of Conscious Creativity. The emphasis is the fitting of the student for Service to Humanity.

This training is not only about the individual students own growth and expansion, but also, the Experience of Nature of the Soul is training in group dynamics which goes beyond intellectual comprehension and individual experience. There have always been those who have sought the Mysteries and have achieved them. “Nature of the Soul” is not simply about esoteric information which can be read and studied by individuals alone. This group training provides the opportunity to experience the next step in evolutionary development which will be the keynote of this next age: Group Consciousness and Synthesis.

The group grows and unfolds as a group. Each will have similar experiences along the way, though the details will differ with the make-up and karma of each individual within the group. Those who complete the training will have had a life changing experience which they will have shared with others, a richness not achievable on an individual basis.

The complete training lasts about two years, consisting of written lessons once a week, with questions and discussion, followed by meditation practice during that week. The student is not required to “sign up” for the whole duration. Each is left free to attend only as long as they are learning and growing.

The Nature of the Soul techniques are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery tradition, and are specifically designed for the western student.

(Each class is about 2 years in length)
These two classes are only offered to those who have completed Nature of the Soul.

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For Georgia’s On-line Classes

Contact Georgia: Fill in the Contact form and be sure to include your email address. Click Here.

Georgia offers a variety of classes on various esoteric subjects. The classes range from short presentations to long-term study, including onetime events, four to eight week classes, and courses of study lasting a year or more. The classes are live, in real time, just as if you were physically attending her presentation.

  1. How does it work?
  • Classes are usually conducted in the evening, Pacific Time Zone. When it is time for a class, students get a link to the class.
  • There you will find a screen which will become active during a “live” broadcast. This screen will allow you to both see and hear Georgia, like TV only interactive!
  • There is NO extra program for you to buy. You will be able to type comments and questions as the class proceeds, see the questions and comments of others in the class as they happen, and if you have a microphone or a web cam (very inexpensive these days) the others in the class can see and hear you on their screens and you can see and hear them. It’s like being in a room all together.
  • Don’t want to type your questions because you’re slow? You can get a microphone for under $10.00 and just ask your questions by voice. Don’t want to be seen because you’re in your “jammies?” Don’t get a web cam; just use the microphone.
  • Any text or charts used in the class will be e-mailed to participants before the meeting to give you plenty of time to print them out.
  • Only class members are allowed in the “room” so the instruction is private. Typed questions can happen at any time during the class, and Georgia will answer them “live.”
  • The class will proceed almost as if everyone is together in the same room. Participants can get to know each other by voice or video even though they may be in other states or countries.
  • Each class lasts from one to two hours.
  • The payment for the class is mailed to Georgia before the start of the class. If it is a monthly or on-going class, the payment is once a month. Classes by the month are held on the same night and time, once a week. There will be four, sometimes five classes per month, excepting designated holidays.
  • Georgia must receive your check or money order a week before the presentation. Only paid participants will be allowed to stay in the meeting.
  • When a class is scheduled to begin and payment is received, there is usually a “practice” night scheduled the week before start up. This is to introduce the format to everyone and to make sure everyone knows how to ask questions. It is also a time to check and make sure that everything works. Any problems can then be taken care of before the start of the class itself.
  • The fee for one-time presentations will vary.
  1. What do you need to participate?
  • You will need a computer of course. Classes support PCs Macs, and Linux.
  • You will need a printer, microphone and webcams are optional. If you get a webcam, the microphone will be included so you only have to buy one piece of equipment. No special programs to sign up for or buy. That’s all the equipment you need!
  • You will need to be able to receive e-mail.
  • All other information will be supplied upon registering for a class.
  1. Class Schedules, Costs, and getting started.
  • Contact Georgia and let her know you will be signing up! Make sure you do this first as it will be necessary to determine if the class has already started and no additional students can be admitted.
  • After you receive confirmation from Georgia that the class is available, make your check or money order out to Georgia Lambert, and mail it to the address she indicates. Georgia has numerous class, so it is important to make sure she knows which class you are paying for. Make sure to include your e-mail address so she has a way to contact you.
  • When your check is received, Georgia will e-mail you to let you know it has been received and will give you the date and time of your “practice” night. Make sure you write on the check which class you will be taking and print the mailing address exactly as she indicates.
  • After you sign up for the first month, classes can be paid for via Pay Pal.Students who live outside the USA can also use Pay Pal.
  • These classes are conducted in “real time.” Text and charts are e-mailed to participants for each to print out themselves. At the time of class an e-mail link is sent, and a screen opens on the participants desktop, allowing each student to see and hear Georgia.
  • That’s it, just sit back and wait for the e-mail with instructions about the practice class. It will be sent the week before the session is to begin. That’s all there is to it. Hopefully all of your questions have been answered.

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Between 1986 and 1992, Georgia Lambert delivered over thirty lectures at the Philosophical Research Society in Southern California. The presentations were recorded on audio tape, with all the difficulties inherent in that medium. These lectures are presented in their original format and cover a wide range of Esoteric subjects.

  1. Metaphysical, Esoteric, Occult: Which is which?
  2. Consciousness: Humanity’s next Evolutionary step.
  3. The Death Process,
  4. Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius
  5. The Ideal of the Sou
  6. Esoteric Seasons of the Year
  7. Lions of God: The Way of the Western Warrior
  8. Spiritual Seeker to Working Disciple
  9. The Other Zodiac
  10. The Three Aspects of Arthurian Legend
  11. Ritual: The Right Use of Alignment
  12. Hiram Abiff: The Heart of Masonic Legend
  13. Transmutation: Alchemical Lead into Spiritual Gold
  14. Matter: The Mother Aspect
  15. The Father Aspect: Purpose, Power, and Will
  16. The Legend of Saint George
  17. Glastonbury: Light of the Western Heart
  18. Sword and Spear: Esoteric history of WWII.

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