Programs for Evolving Your Consciousness

Personal Development Programs

The Institute For Global Transformation® creates programs that assist you in mastering your life to create the world you envision so, together, we can create a better world for everyone. (Click on the graphics below to learn more about our programs.)

Lets Talk Change PodcastLet’s Talk Change is a weekly podcast (beginning June 16th) with Seth Adamson, author of the Art of  Relating and “hu•man•u•ni•ty”Is it possible to change the hostility, divisiveness, and chaos that’s become so much a part of our lives? I say yes. We need only glance at the history of humankind to recognize that from the deepest adversity arises the greatest potential to advance the human condition.



Art for SaleThe Artists’ Attic and Marketplace
Artists can display their sculpture,  photography, paintings, writing, etc. in our Gallery  or they may sell it.




Find Me! Teach Me! WorkshopsWith Find Me! Teach Me!, we actively look for individual young men, women and children who have physical, mental, social or financial challenges. We teach them how to cope with those challenges by providing a specialized series of entertainment-oriented workshops. By teaching these young people new creative skills with which they can view their lives in more positive and productive ways, we empower them to feel stronger, less fearful and to never give up on hoping for better tomorrows.



Transformational ConversationsTransformational Conversations,  This is a Facebook Group, open to the public, that post topics and information of interest to share with those who have an interest in spirituality. Your voice is important; add it to the conversation.




ONENESS, the INFINITE HEARTThe Oneness Movement:  Right now, there are more people than ever before who are searching for higher truth, looking for ways to raise their consciousness and connect with their soul’s purpose. We want to live in a more loving, compassionate, cooperative and peaceful world. We don’t see any competition to bringing Light into the world. We are bridge-builders, understanding that each Lightworker is needed to uplift consciousness on a global scale and as we know, by focusing our intention, we create a tremendously powerful focus that is making it happen. Join the movement.



Master Your Mind, Master Your LifeMaster Your Mind, Master Your Life is a program that will literally change your life. Discover, explore and activate the power that lies within you and create the life you envision. (Specially priced to make it available to everyone.)




web coursesPersonal Development and Esoteric/Spiritual Classes:  A variety of on-line courses that give you the tools and techniques needed to discover and explore your unlimited self, transform your consciousness, and guide you to a more joyful, successful, and purposeful life.



Healing Arts for WebsiteWe have two Distant Service Councils: one serving humans and the other serving the animal kingdom. The Distant Service Councils are a free service of the IFGT. The Councils consists of over 100 individuals who meditate or pray on your behalf for the assistance you have requested. 




Meditation and Prayer FocusMonthly Global Meditation and Prayer Focus. Our monthly foci are a special opportunity to serve those in need and help build a more unified, compassionate, and loving world.





The Art Of Relating: “Learning how to Relate is the foundation for  establishing right relationships within ourselves and others thereby creating a better world for everyone.