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21st Century Philosophy with Dr. Maryann Miller

I honor the place in you, in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love and truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.” ~Author Unknown

Dr. Maryann MillerDr. Maryann Miller is the Founder and President of The Institute For Global Transformation™.  She also:

  • Teaches the Nature of the Soul, having completed Teacher’s Training and Advanced Teacher’s Training
  • Has studied Western Philosophy for over 48 years
  • Is a certified Rayid Teacher
  • Has taught “Better Decisions”  and has written a manual for this therapy process

Watch Dr. Miller’s interview with Dr. Amit Goswami.  Dr. Maryann says, I had the distinct honor of interviewing Dr. Amit Goswami, Theoretical Nuclear Physicist. “Dr. Amit Goswami is one of those rare jewels in the pantheon of quantum physics who brings a deep understanding of reality through a synthesis of science and spirituality.”  Watch the video.

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The Oneness Movement

Professor Oneness Our mission is to:

  • take the consciousness movement to a whole new level by dispelling the illusion of separation
  • be a catalyst for humanity to recognize our Oneness by way of our Infinite Hearts
  • create an extensive resource for all Lightworkers, where people and organizations can share their ideas for promoting Oneness along with their products and services.


Monthly Meditation/Prayer Focus

Dennis KwiatkowskiOur monthly, Meditation-Prayer Focus is a special opportunity to serve those in need and help build a more unified, compassionate, and loving world.  There is no special technique required. You may use whatever meditation or prayer technique you choose. These energy transmissions are sent on a daily basis and the more people who join us in this focus, the greater will be the power of our attunement and the energy available for transmission to humanity and the planet.


Distant Service Council

Transformational Conversations and Oneness

Transformational Conversations

Your voice matters. Join us  on Facebook for Transformational Conversations here.



JUST ASK, Conscious Conversations

Drs. Maryann and Matthew MillerJUST ASK  is a blog that invites you to ask  questions on  spirituality, such as finding your life’s purpose, higher consciousness, cause and effect, visualization, the power of intent, and your higher-self, that eternal, authentic self-that’s wiser, more loving and powerful than the self you already know.  You may submit your questions here.