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Center for Quantum Activism and Certification Program

Cultivating Social Consciousness

Transform The World Humanitarian Award Presented in Ohio

Bringing In The New

Like and Dislike

Sorry, Feds: Kids Can Sue Over Climate Negligence, Judge Says

Spirituality and Politics

The Inner Causes Of Violence and What You Can Do

The Rational Warrior: Making Peace With Your Anxiety

This could be life changing for our planet!

Touchstones Of Reconstruction©

Unfolding The Common Good

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Acceptance vs The Power To Change

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Are You A Builder Or A Wrecker?

Awakening to Possibilities

Bradley Quick on the Future of Consciousness

Brexit and the Inevitability of Planetary Evolution

Chaos Before Order

Consciousness and Self-Awareness

Come Together

Consciousness, Reality and the Divine

Dannion Brinkley on The Future of Consciousness

Dannion Brinkley on Transformational Consciousness

Dannion Brinkley’s 4-Fold Path for Consciousness

Dealing With World Mind Effects Through Greater Self Mastery

Dr. Daniel Siegel on The Science of Transformation

Esoteric Living: The Way Up The Mountain and Back To The Valley

Evolution, Devolution, or Revolution

Feng Shui, Intention, and Edgar Cayce

Georgia Lambert: Meditation, What Is It Really?

Harmony and Interference

Holding the Space for Transformation

How Easy Is It To Forgive?

Identification, With what do you identify?

Its The Will

Is Sound Behind The Crop Circles?

Is The Universe A Hologram?

Journey Into Color and Transformation

Judgement And Karma

JUDGING by Matthew Miller, Msc.D

Life’s Experiences

Like and Dislike

Meditation and Its Purpose

Meeting the Dalai Lama

Mysticism and Technology

Reclaiming Our Divine Nature: The Age of Aquarius

Right Human Relations

Self Help Techniques

Self-Awareness Is The Most Powerful Spiritual Practice You Will Ever Encounter©

Soul and Soul Personality

Sound, Color And Our World

Spiritual Wealth

Spirituality and Politics

Study of the Mind-Brain©

The Gift of Cosmic Consciousness

The Inner Struggle Between Good And Evil

The Meaning of Life

The New Mainstream – The Consciousness Crowd

The Path of Transformation

The Wheel Of Possibility

There’s A New Mainstream Out There – and You’re Probably Part of It

Thinking Not As Usual, New Thought Is Not New Age Anymore

Touchstones Of Reconstruction©

Train Your Brain, Mindful Presence