Steps to Reversing Aging

By Amanda Ajoke Onitiju

ageingIt certainly isn’t a crime to age, of course we all grow older each day, but we all desire to look young, feel strong and attractive every new day. However, there are so many concerns and situations that make us look older, slower and less attractive. Some are as a result of our behaviours, actions and even our beliefs.

Do you want to skip all these and look younger than what you are right now each day? I bet you do. Here are several cases and accompanying tips that can help you take that glorious reverse in body and [mind].


What do people see first? Definitely your face, so you’ve got to pay good attention to this part of your body. Do you notice fast approaching wrinkles, cranky skin, baggy eyes and flaky skin? If you do, then sit back and figure out what might be the problem. Take a few minutes to observe your skin, especially when you wake at dawn. Perhaps you spend much time in the harsh sun, you don’t eat nutritious meals nor regularly hydrate, your sleep patterns are poor and you are constantly under stress or your use beauty products inappropriate for your skin.


You don’t have to see this, but acting out how the brain functions will give you a hint if you are rapidly ageing or not. When you begin to forget things so easily, get depressed on a constant basis or behave irrationally by throwing tantrums at every little action, there is a good chance you might be prematurely ageing. A deteriorating mind is a dangerous place to be when you still have got blissful years ahead of you to explore. Take some time to ask people around you how you often respond to circumstances. A good feedback once in a while will help you act fast in reversing your aging process.

Don’t give in, there’s hope, all you need to do is start the reverse techniques and keep at them. Try some of the famous tips and enlist them or modify them for your regular practice.

  1. Avoid staying in the sun especially after the hours of 10 in the morning.
  2. When going out, ensure you have UV protecting gear such as a hat or sun glasses. You should also use a beauty product with a sun screen at least with an SPF 15 daily; nevertheless, avoid changing body lotions constantly as this might cause a weakening in the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Pay proper attention to you nutrition. It is often said that beauty begins from within, so also, the aging begins from within. Be strong and stay away from processed foods, red meat and foods prepared over the unsafe grill (using coals). When the cells of the body are not properly nourished, it shows up on the outside, so plan a good diet with 80% foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits and greens, which help reduce inflammation such as the baggy eyes, 20% foods rich in protein for collagen formation which maintains the elasticity of the skin, carbohydrates our daily fuel for activities, and fats from fruits and nuts.

So here you have it, the bitter truth? CUT OUT ALL JUNK FOODS TODAY!

  1. If you work all day, well you have to plan properly just to ensure your days’ work doesn’t interfere with your sleep The body needs a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep, why? The cells that reverse your aging process need to be generated and this happens mainly during rest.
  2. Get active with recreational activities, planned exercise programmes and certainly yoga as this is a good way to relax, ease off tension from the mind and body at the same time. When the body is relaxed, our parasympathetic nervous system releases the happy hormones (oxytocin), organises your immune cells, regenerates new brain cells, overcome depression and speeds up your body’s healing process through stimulation of the vagus nerves and turns down the activity of the sympathetic nervous system which releases cortisol that causes stress in the body.
  3. Detox your body with fruits, natural home-made drinks, and lots of water as required by the body. You may wonder how, it’s quite easy; decide to go on a 3 day fruit fast. I certainly did this during my yoga training. All I ate were fruits and drank water throughout the three days and I can tell you, by the third day, my body sweat during practice was as pure as water. It was an amazing experience, so I invite you to try it. If you truly want to slow down your aging process, get caffeine products and excessive alcohol out of the way instead you can try some interesting drinks (my favourite) like preparing some lime water and ginger extract and drink up during the day for some days, you will be surprised at the wonders of natural remedies for premature aging.
  4. Play some games and puzzles or read up something interesting to stimulate your brain, mind and emotions at least for 30 minutes in a day. This keeps the brain cells active and enhances your learning while removing the dullness of aging. With each day, the brain remains young and sharp when stimulated.

Do you feel you can get a reverse? Take a halt on that fast moving ageing train and get a reverse today! You definitely won’t regret it when people walk up to you and say ‘’ Oh! But you look sweet sixteen today!’’


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