The  Journey And Struggle With Surrender

by Theresa Lundquist

SurrenderMany of us struggle with surrender and each time we enter this sacred space, the lesson may present itself differently.Surrender begins with knowing we are human and have deep, often complicated emotions that are connected to memories, to physical pain, and to emotional pain as well.

This is the place deep inside where we connect with our heart space. This is the realm of our soul’s growth and expansion. To surrender, we must first do the work of fully touching our pain (or anger). It begins here. It cannot be side stepped. It must be fully embraced.

A big step in the right direction is to accept your disappointment, your sadness, your pain… or whatever it is that has your heart in a vice.

Through acceptance, acknowledge to your self that it is there, within you. Then allow it to stay on the surface long enough to be felt… in all its aspects. This could take moments, hours, days, weeks, or even longer—but you will know when your heart has been felt and is ready to let go a bit more… and heal. You are your own catalyst for healing and it begins with your deep compassion toward self and what you feel. For many, this cycle repeats itself again and again, revealing the many layers until the last vestiges of your pain/sadness/anger/disappointment has been recognized. Seen. Felt. Allowed.

Grieve as long as you need, and be aware that eventually you will be ready to let it go. There is no magic clock… only the soul knows. Take your time. You will know when the ‘sting’ of the emotion has been healed (by you). You will know you’re ready to move on when you experience the memory and there is no longer a trigger. You can breathe. You can remember, but without the pain.

You will make that transition from letting go to surrender, but this is often the tricky part… as you wobble back and forth between detachment and surrender. It takes time to practice staying in the place of surrender, even when it is just moments of your day.

So what is surrender? Big question, right?

The ‘point’ of surrender may come when you feel like your back is against the wall, that things are absolutely hopeless, there is no end in sight, and there is just no answer at all for your situation. In this moment, when you are truly ready, letting go seems to be your only option—and it feels like that’s all you can do. You’re out of options, and you know it.

It generally comes at just that precise moment when you are at the very end of a frayed, tattered rope… with only threads to hold onto.

Stepping through surrender is stepping into the void—the place of “neither here nor there.” It’s where you give the reins of control back to your soul and you test your faith in the Universe.

sacred spaceThe void is that wonderful sacred space in time where we “allow” without knowing the outcome. It’s where things percolate, where our soul begins to bring forth something new. It’s quite blissful and magical, both at the same time. You know you’re there when you experience a peace within that surpasses all your understanding.

Real surrender always leads to healing. Always. And it also opens the door (and portals, alternate timelines, and dimensions) for new energy, higher frequency, and mind bending manifestation.

Surrender may be a slow process, but that’s OK. The soul knows no time—and desires to bring YOU forward on your journey. So take your time, don’t rush, and most important, be easy on your self. Every day is new. Every day is a fresh start. Love your self through it. ♥️


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