The Bamberg Affair, in The All

The Bamberg Affair, in The All

By Mark Booth

Reviewed by Carolyn Mulkerrin

The Bamberg AffairI picked up this book last month at my favorite book store in Boulder, Colorado. Whenever I’m there, I always get a feeling that makes me want to just want to sit in an overstuffed chair and curl up with a book. It has multiple levels, hundreds of stacks of books, and is a great place in which to roam around. There is a section by the front door that highlights various authors of all types of genres. One can always find something of interest in that section.

The cover of this particular book just reached out and grabbed me so I bought it. I thought I was just getting a novel of intrigue surrounding a secret being guarded by the Catholic Church. I expected it to be a read such as the Da Vinci Code or the Last Templar, more of a fun read, but was I in for a surprise.

William Beigh has done a wonderful job of weaving the seven hermetic laws from the Kybalion into a thrilling fictional tale. The year is 1734, a young priest has been assigned, by his Cardinal and mentor, to a daily vigil at St. Peter’s Basilica, in Rome. His task is to watch for the return of St. Peter, based on an early church prophecy that gained further credibility from a vision that Pope Joan received, (the only female pope). She foresaw that St. Peter would return and that he would have certain distinguishing characteristics so she issues a papal decree that there should be a constant vigil in the basilica to await the return of St. Peter.

The story takes off when the young priest thinks he has spotted a pilgrim in the basilica who embodies the characteristics of St. Peter. The only problem is that it turns out to be a woman. Since a woman could not possibly be the reincarnation of St. Peter, the cardinal orders that she be eliminated in order to maintain the secrecy of the prophecy. The young priest then starts his odyssey as he becomes determined to save her from the Vatican’s assassins.

William Beigh’s use of each of the seven laws from the Kybalion is artfully woven throughout the plot. As it turns out, this woman is steeped in the knowledge of the seven laws of The All and she manages to convey these laws to the young priest during the various trials he must go through. Throughout this story, which has several twists and turns, William Beigh does an incredible job of teaching the seven laws and how to apply them in our lives. He takes the reader into a much deeper understanding of each of these magical laws through this wonderful tale.

This is not a book to rush through so don’t expect it to be a quick read. It requires the reader to stop and think or meditate on what has just been presented. And don’t be surprised, you will probably want to read it a second time.

In the light reading corner,
Carolyn Mulkerrin

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