Business Transformation

Business Transformation with Richard Spitzer, Director

Richard SpitzerIFGT Is Ready for the Next Wave of Business Transformation.

There is now a convergence of the need to evolve the policies and practices, of business and society, to share transformations for greater prosperity and sustainability for all.

IFGT is a leader in expanding knowledge about transformative practices in many aspects of life. We are renewing our efforts in an area that has been under-served in the broader transformative movements, the business sector.

A little history. 

The word” transformative” describes the need to shift mindsets and practices in ways that will produce beneficial leaps forward in philosophies, systems, and institutions.

The most recent global transformation began in the 1990s with the advent of the Internet, digital technology, communications, and high-level analytics.

Despite initial skepticism, the digital transformation is well established in almost every sector. For businesses, the “digital transformation” became necessary to compete and has been focused on measures of production, efficiency, performance, profitability and shareholder accountability. But as digital transformation has matured, business is seeking the next wave of productive concepts – and the core ideas are already established within the principles of IFGT.

More information, moving faster and reaching more people has expanded awareness of the interdependence of business and the greater societal environment. Businesses are recognizing their responsibilities to customers, employees, and shareholders, and the need for a more enlightened integration of the human component in all systems and institutions.

The critical challenge, and opportunity is how we can help merge the transformations of business with the greater societal needs, which have grown faster than the practices available to implement them. That is about to change.

Despite the political, economic and social chaos in the last few years, there is a growing movement seeking more spiritual and people-centric solutions that will serve our individual lives and our governing institutions in a global environment.

The next business model will be a people-centric model. The modern core concept will be that business policies that benefit the greater societal good will also benefit the economic objectives of the corporations.
We are starting a new IFGT Business Transformation Program that will complement contemporary business interests, by helping institutions learn how spiritual-based practices will provide two levels of benefits:

  • Provide new support to achieve performance and economic goals.
  • Fulfill responsibilities that affect the lives of everyone and the environment in which we all live — which recycles into a more productive and profitable economy for all.

In Practice

World Change-Makers

It’s true that there are many legitimate concerns about business practices that have not been in the public interest. The corrective changes will take more time, but the growing “change” movements have taken hold.

The reality is that business and economic institutions are the best prepared to adopt and accelerate a more holistic approach to transformative goals. Business institutions have the organizations, systems and planning abilities to implement new systems.
It is our goal, at IFGT, to demonstrate how more inclusive transformations for the greater good will be a complement to the traditional economic benchmarks.

Remember, whatever your concerns about the business world, every single person in the United States, and around the world, is still an employee and/or a customer of a business organization. Citizens and businesses are permanently and intricately tied together. Now we have an opportunity to build programs that will be a mutually beneficial bridge to serve the whole.

The Business Transformation Department is developing practical concepts and programs to help businesses implement their own business + societal transformative policies. We seek to collaborate with like-minded business organizations for new ideas, testing and implementation.

We are always interested in feedback and ideas, so please contact us to discuss ways we can work together to find the best transformative practices for everyone.