The Cyber-Battle for America


By Richard Spitzer

In THE MARGIN OF ERROR WAR,  Richard Spitzer examines how America’s adversaries won the first battle of the cyber-media war in 2016 and how they did it right in front of us every day!

The 2016 Presidential election exposed the cyber-war waged by the adversaries of the United States.

  • How did it happen?
  • How did we let it happen?
  • What did we miss?

Russia, and friends, found the unrecognized flaws in our news, social media and political polls – to manipulate information and influence voters– all within the margin of error.

The Margin of Error War is a tale of factual events and the analysis of how we lost the first epic battle in the cyberwar of the 21st century. China has a long plan to be the dominant global power. But Russia is in a hurry, and in 2016 they had the perfect convergence of technology, US internal conflicts, unfettered social media and a willing political party.

The internet  has leveled the global battlefield. All combatants now have the same capabilities to wage cyberwar using unregulated digital media. Our adversaries infiltrated American media to shift voter opinions, in critical states, just enough, within the margin of error, to determine the election winner

If we don’t understand how our adversaries succeeded, then countermeasures will not be effective. Our adversaries learned how to manage the American psyche and behavior, all within the margin of error. We have one more chance, before the 2020 election, to get the cyber war right.

Richard SpitzerRich Spitzer applied his professional experience in communications research to investigate what happened in 2016, to identify how our adversaries were able to influence American institutions through the simple and clever use of digital news and communications.

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